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Tomura Shigaraki vs. Rikiya Yotsubashi is a battle fought between League of Villains leader Tomura Shigaraki and Meta Liberation Army Grand Commander Re-Destro during the Revival Celebration.


One of Twice's Doubles manages to infiltrate the tower and confront Re-Destro, who is holding Giran hostage. He creates several clones of himself and Doubles of Mr. Compress, Dabi, and Tomura as well.

Tomura disintegrates Deika's central tower.

The clones are about to attack him but Re-Destro reinforces his arm with his Stress Meta Ability and completely annihilates the clones, blowing a hole in the top of the tower.

A double of Twice manages to create another in time to get to Giran. Re-Destro tries to destroy him, but Tomura's clone survives and goes on the offensive. Both fight intensely, but in the end, Re-Destro manages to capture Tomura's Double. Re-Destro tells him that he and his group only know how to destroy, and that is why they must be defeated by the Liberation Army.

Tomura confronts Re-Destro after bringing down his tower.

Tomura's double ignores his opponent's speech and tells Twice to create a cushion for Giran because he saw the real Tomura is approaching the tower.

Tomura destroys the entire tower with his Quirk. Despite that, Re-Destro manages to survive the fall and faces Tomura, who recognizes him as the guy who appears in the Detnerat commercials. Re-Destro is disappointed Tomura was unable to hear what he had to say prior to their final encounter.[1]


The two villain leaders face off.

Re-Destro increases the mass of his body using his Meta Ability. Tomura asks the Detnerat CEO if he's always been a hulk before he spreads his decaying power. A clone of Twice takes Giran away from the battle to avoid being affected.

Re-Destro avoids the attack by jumping into the air, voicing his anger before attacking Tomura, crushing the ground with his massive arm as he lands, creating a shockwave with a single punch. Tomura barely dodges Re-Destro's attack and loses a large portion of his left hand. Before he can move out of the way, Re-Destro grabs his injured hand and asks him if he a killed many of his warriors on the way to the tower. The Detnerat CEO begins to crush it and asks if that is the hand that slew them.[2]

Re-Destro outclasses Tomura in terms of strength.

Tomura tries to free himself from his opponent's grasp by attacking with his other hand but it's also grabbed. With Tomura's hands between his bulked up fingers, Re-Destro talks about how he was taught at a young age not to judge someone by their Quirk. He emphasizes that Quirks also influence the personality of their user, telling Tomura that he is the the perfect example of this credo, as his Decay Quirk only serves to disintegrate and destroy and he only seeks annihilation.

Re-Destro reintroduces the question of what Tomura seeks to create, since he appears to know nothing but destruction, and continues crushing Tomura's hand. Despite his situation, Tomura barely seems to care of this, more worried that one of the hands that belonged to his sister Hana is shattered on the ground due to Re-Destro's attack. Seeing the hand forces hidden memories of his to flood to the surface. Memories of All For One, his family and especially his sister Hana begin to breaking Tomura's mind, causing an unexpected effect on his Quirk.

Tomura's Quirk evolves.

As Re-Destro continues to crush Tomura's left hand, he manages to touch Re-Destro’s enlarged finger with two of his, causing it to crack. Re-Destro is shocked and quickly throws Tomura aside. He looks at his injured extremity confused. He was informed that it takes five fingers to active Tomura's Meta Ability. However, Re-Destro believes it evolved on the spot in the same way Geten's ice ability did in the past. Tomura meanwhile feels his head is going to split due the memories.

With the fierce agility of a cat, Tomura rushes at his enemy. The latter is surprised by Tomura's physicality and believes he could've taken down a few heroes in Kamino if he was always this strong. The only explanation that he can think of for his new physical prowess is the result of some harsh training that put Tomura's life in line every single day. Thinking about how he shouldn’t have looked at him as an inferior,

Re-Destro attacks Tomura with Stress Output Burden.

Facing this situation, the Supreme Commander uses 80% Liberation to boost his own powers. He covers himself in the black stress-energy and appears as an even larger hulking beast. He tries to end the fight by discharging his pent up stress in a powerful black flash, Stress Output Burden! He sends Tomura crashing through several buildings but the villain survives. More hands of his relatives are shattered with the attack, causing him to experience more memories of his past, remembering his grandparents being kind and loving to him when he was sad, but their caring words were not what he wanted to hear at those times.

While Tomura lays injured on the ground, Re-Destro receives a call to his cell phone. A panicked Skeptic warns him that the League of Villains had kept a secret weapon hidden. A weapon that now is heading towards his position, rampaging everything on his way: Gigantomachia.[3] Ignoring Skeptic's warnings, Re-Destro claims his burden attack is the pinnacle of his ability. He recognized that instead of evading or defending, Tomura touched the wave of energy and destroyed it before it killed him.

Re-Destro uses the full strength of liberation.

Tomura gets up and takes the preserved hand of his father out of his pocket, watching it momentarily. Then he answers the Supreme Commander's question, claiming he is right about him, he only knows how to destroy and doesn't care about the future. Clad in pitch black energy, the monstrous Re-Destro towers over Tomura and claims that he must be crushed for the sake of creation and the future. Tomura only says he doesn't needs a future.[4]

After recalling how he killed his family, and how All For One raised him to become the symbol of fear, Tomura comes to the conclusion that he no longer needs the dissected hands of his relatives to keep his past in check, destroying the remaining hand of his father with glee.

Re-Destro is stunned when Tomura counters his attack.

Re-Destro comes at him with Stress: 100%, attacking with two burden techniques but Tomura completely disintegrates the stress-energy with his own Quirk this time. He claims it isn't hard to do as long as it's before the attack connects. Then he taunts Re-Destro by telling him that he understands the latter's motive for destroying whatever he hates, because it's fun. Re-Destro replies that his power is a means to liberate people and fulfill Destro's will, and summon his support item Claustro.

However, Rikiya begins to feel a strange sensation within him that makes his Stress to decrease every time he look at Tomura. He knows it's not fear but he can't identify it. This strange sensation makes Rikiya remember that since he was a child he was brought up to carry out Destro's will. Tomura realizes this and taunts him.

Re-Destro attempts to crush Tomura with Claustro.

Burdened by the pressure of carrying the legacy of his ancestor, Rikiya dons his Claustro armor and pushes his abilities to 150%, coming at Tomura with a punch, but he simply Decays the robotic arm, forcing Re-Destro to leap backward. Tomura mockingly claims he must be going "Plus Ultra" with his boosting. Recalling the main vows of the MLP ideology, Re-Destro looks back to Tomura and realizes that he is a man who has been utterly liberated, finally understanding the reason for the strange sensation.

Tomura places his hand on the ground and prepares a world-ending attack.[5]

Tomura's world-ending counterattack!

By melding hatred with delight, Tomura finds true freedom while holding the world in the very palm of his hand. He chooses to destroy everything, creating a shockwave that decays everything around him. Re-Destro believes his Meta Ability has a limited range and tries to go airborne to avoid getting destroyed. However, Tomura's power spreads far beyond its normal limits and crumbles everything within Re-Destro's sight.

Tomura claims that all will be destroyed and creates a destructive shockwave that breaks down the city. The area of decay grows large and larger, consuming nearly all of Deika City. Tomura blissfully laughs within the eye of the storm while Re-Destro abandons his armor and flies through the air using a single piece of it, witnessing the utter devastation unleashed by Tomura. The Supreme Commander is hit by flying debris and crashes into the destroyed landscape.

Tomura laughs as the city crumbles around him.

The Meta Liberation soldiers who went to help their leader are forced to retreat so as not end up disintegrated, while Gigantomachia contemplates the destruction in astonishment.

As the dust clears, it is shown that Rikiya managed to survive but had to severs both his feet as he touched the ground while the Decay continued to be active, preventing the disintegration from spreading any further. An injured Tomura approaches him, and confronts his downed opponent taunting him for picking this fight in the first place.[6]


Re-Destro concedes to Tomura.

Trumpet arrives on his campaign van with reinforcements and orders them to save the Supreme Commander. However, Tomura uses a glare of intimidation so strong that it drowns out Koku's Meta Ability, to the latter's shock. Re-Destro orders his subordinates to stop fighting, salutes and officially surrenders to Tomura. Re-Destro admits that his people weren't following his will but rather Destro's command. He then realizes that Tomura's power and leadership skills are better suited to lead his Meta Liberation Army. With that being said, Re-Destro lends the MLA's strength to the League of Villains.

Everyone remaining on the battlefield watches with astonishment, with an amazed Gigantomachia finally acknowledging Tomura as his master's successor. Satisfied with Re-Destro's decision, Tomura asks him if has enough money to get the League some lunch.[6]

Anime & Manga Differences

  • The manga has Tomura lose three left fingers before being grabbed by Re-Destro, while in the anime he just breaks his hand after grabbing it.
  • To negate Re-Destro's Stress Output Burden attack, in the manga Tomura touches the wave of energy, while in the anime he just touches Re-Destro's finger.
  • In the anime, Rikiya attacks Tomura when he is in his Claustro suit, only to get the suit's arm decayed. This never happens in the manga.
  • In the manga, Tomura's light-pale blue hair turns white shortly before Re-Destro attacks with Stress 100%, whereas in the anime his hair is shown white during Deika City's destruction.
  • While fleeing from the destruction, Rikiya is taken down by flying debris in the manga, while in the anime he falls because of the shockwave.


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