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Nah. 'Cause I'm a villain. I fight in the name of evil... To destroy. Doesn't matter... if you stamp out my hatred. Even if I wind up hollow... The villains... need a hero of their own.
Tomura Shigaraki to Izuku Midoriya in "Meek Spirits"

This article is about All For One's adopted son and successor. For the Got-It-All Mall clerk, see Tenko Tejina.

Tomura Shigaraki ( () (がら) () (とむら) Shigaraki Tomura?), real name Tenko Shimura ( () (むら) (てん) () Shimura Tenko?), is the main antagonist of the My Hero Academia manga and anime series.

He was the leader of the League of Villains, making his first major appearance as one of the main antagonists of the U.S.J. Arc. He was raised by his master, All For One, with the goal to kill All Might, the "Symbol of Peace", and ultimately destroying the society he represents. He soon merged his organization and the Meta Liberation Army to form the Paranormal Liberation Front, becoming its Grand Commander and later inheriting the All For One Quirk.

As a result, All For One's vestige seized control of his body and tried to merge the two of them into a new being. Eventually, Tomura was able to thwart his master's attempt at usurping his body and soul, reclaiming autonomy and declaring himself Izuku Midoriya's arch-enemy.


Tomura reveals his face to the League

Tomura's unobscured face.

Tomura was a slim man with pale skin, tinged yellow teeth, and a great deal of wrinkles around his eyes from scraping at allergies that irritated the surrounding skin since his childhood. His lips were chapped and uneven, a small mole on the right underneath, with visible scars on his right eye and under his lip. He had messy, grayish-blue hair of varying lengths, the longest clumps reached to about his shoulders, left hanging over his face in uneven waves. His eyes and mouth were normally obscured, but when visible, they were usually stretched wide in a rather maniacal manner, their bright red irises very small.

Interestingly, when Tenko was at the age of five, he bore a striking resemblance to Izuku Midoriya, with his blue hair originally being dark black in color, as well as having gray eyes instead of red. He also had dried patches of skin around his eyes, though his lips were shown to be healthy in appearance. After his Quirk manifested, his appearance changed, giving him a wrinkled face, his hair color to a more light blue, and his eyes slowly turned to red after the first manifestation. After suffering shock from losing control over his Quirk, he was taken aghast and gripped his right eyelid and the left side of his lip with his fingers in horror, clawing deep scars into his face.

When in his civilian outfit, he always wore plain red sneakers that are similar to Izuku's, along with black pants which expose his ankles, and a matching long-sleeved v-neck shirt. He also wore a plain black jacket over the top with the hood pulled low over his face to hide his identity, and carried one of his disembodied hands in his pocket.

His villain costume consisted of fourteen embalmed hands, all positioned so they were holding onto him on different parts of his body. These hands were taken from dead individuals and embalmed by Kyudai Garaki, who gave them a zombie-like grayish-blue color and attached to their bases a golden box with two holes drilled into the bottom.

Each pair of these hands originally belonged to an individual killed by Tomura during the time his Quirk first manifested: the ones on his neck were his mother's; on his arms, his grandfather's; on his forearms, his grandmother's; on his wrists, his sister's; and the ones on his chest and shoulders were from two unnamed street punks he killed.

The hand that held Tomura's face, which he sometimes kept in his pocket, is his father's left hand, called "Father" by him. The right one was accidentally destroyed by him, so Kyudai had to make one to hold on the top of Tomura's head; this hand was connected to his mother's pair through two red cords and later revealed to be from his paternal grandmother, Nana Shimura. Almost all of the hands were either destroyed, lost, or discarded; only Nana's hand remained which he used as his mask. For the rest of his outfit, Tomura just wore his regular black clothes, bar the jacket. He also used to wear red tennis shoes before they too were destroyed.

After All For One's arrest, Tomura's hair had grown longer, and he adopted a hooded leather coat that he wore over his costume. He also added two additional red cords to connect the hands on his shoulders to the hands on his chest. During his fight with Re-Destro, Tomura's left hand was crushed, leaving only his ring and pinky fingers. After the Revival Celebration, Tomura wore a formal suit underneath a red coat with a fur collar similar to Overhaul's, and a temporary leg brace. His right arm and hand were bandaged after having unleashed the destructive true strength of his Decay Quirk, and he wore an orange brace (black in the anime) fitted with prosthetic fingers for his left hand. After his Quirk awakened, his hair has also changed color once again, from light blue to pure white.

During the events of My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising, Tomura wore a dark red trench coat along with the brace for his left hand, although he was depicted with his original clothes and hair color (likely due to the anime staff not having an adaptation of his updated design for him at the time).

By the time the Heroes raid the Jaku General Hospital, Tomura wore a black bodysuit with several mechanical enhancements similar to that of Nine's. He also dons X-Less' red cape once he finally awakened from his deep slumber, although the top part of his body suit was destroyed in his battle with Endeavor and the cape was completely incinerated. Tomura also acquired a small hole in each of the palms of his hands as a result of acquiring the "All For One" Quirk. It's also shown that he lost his skinny figure in the process and gained a more muscular physique, and his left prosthetic fingers were replaced with a bio-mechanical device. In the anime, the scarring that was caused by Decay during his fight with Re-Destro remained on his right arm, leaving most of it red and cracked.

After the Paranormal Liberation War, his body began to break apart as a cost of overusing All For One with an incomplete body, resulting in cracks and scars protruding all along his arms and neck, stretching down to his stomach. His eyes also became white and faded when All For One was in control.

During the fight against Star and Stripe, in which the consciousnesses of Tomura and All For One began to fuse into one being, he wore a black formal suit, with sneakers, and a long flowing cloth draped around his neck; the suit representing All For One's desire to present himself properly, and the latter for Tomura's general uncleanliness. He also wore a fingerless brace on his left hand, and his hair began to grow long and flowing during this event. In the aftermath of the fight however, most of this outfit was destroyed and reduced to only his pants, though he later donned a new cape.

During the Final War, Tomura possessed the ability to transform his left hand into a grotesque and heavily deformed clump of countless, writhing fingers that branch off one another and vary in size, which was a result of the Quirk Singularity, as his body was being forced to adapt to his vast amount of Quirks. During the conflict, he was hit by Katsuki Bakugo's Howitzer Impact: Cluster, scarring the right side of his face and burning off a portion of his hair, giving him a partial resemblance to All For One.

Due to the accumulating damages he received by the Heroes while under the effects of Erasure and the result of the Quirk Singularity, Tomura's body morphed itself into an absolute defense form, which was a much larger and bulkier tone, with swollen fingers and hands covering his torso and legs. His left arm was also much larger than before, the tips of his fingers and thumb taking on the appearance of his deceased family's heads. Hands also grew out from the back of his head and neck, clinging to his face and covering his mouth.

When Erasure was undone, Tomura's body exploded, undoing the metamorphosis and resulting in his original personality re-emerging from within, molting out of the defense form and reverting his body back to his prime state, with the exception of his former skin still latching onto his body from around his waist.

As Izuku started to inflict damage on Tomura by forcibly passing on the Quirks of One For All inside of him, Tomura's body instinctively adapted into his more monstrous blob form of fingers out of desperation, but now extending throughout his body, effectively coating himself under thick layers of fingers like a cocoon. After Izuku manages to destroy it, All For One's vestige once again took over Tomura, nearly destroying his mind in the process. As a result, Tomura's body was far lankier and decrepit, with the addition of two of his remaining grown fingers on his shoulders, and a stuffed hand was formed over his mouth to silence the lingering memory of Tomura. After Izuku managed to land a direct punch on "Tomura", the latter's body began to crumble and fall apart, but All For One used the former's Quirks to forcibly stop the crumbling. The conclusion of the battle saw All For One's vestige extinguished for good, and Tomura's body disintegrated into ashes, ending his life.



Tomura panics

Tomura scratching his neck while stressed.

Tomura Shigaraki was a very twisted, malevolent, and maliciously warped young man, who was considered to be the polar opposite of Izuku Midoriya. He didn't care for his or almost anyone else's life, having no qualms about performing evil deeds like murdering innocent people.[3][4] Tomura was initially perceived to be a "man-child": arrogant, selfish, dependent, and demanding, becoming angry if things didn't go his way and likening reality to some sort of video game. Unlike his mentor, Tomura lacked subtlety, preferring to eliminate problems through force. Much like a child, Tomura seemed unable to cope with his own feelings, instead lashing out and abusing both others or himself, tearing at his own neck when he becomes frustrated. This particular meltdown stemmed from the abuse he suffered from his father and being alone during his childhood, with All For One claiming that it represented his suppressed urge to kill and destroy.[5] A very irritable person at the beginning of the series, Tomura would learn to be more patient and self-controlled in subsequent appearances, as a consequence of multiple failed plans and All For One's arrest.

Tomura says the world will forget about Stain

Tomura declaring that Stain will be nothing next to the League.

Tomura was proud of the League of Villains, wanting to prove that his organization had the necessary power to shake society and taking pleasure in mocking those standing in his way. He didn't tolerate others making light of the League's name and loathed the idea of certain personalities joining him, as was the case with Dabi and Himiko Toga at the beginning, which was made worse by the fact that they were both inspired by Stain, who had previously refused membership and overshadowed Tomura's Nomus in terms of media exposure after the Hosu Incident.[4] For similar reasons, he looked down on the Shie Hassaikai for their intentions of ruling the underworld over the League. In the end, however, Tomura was able to set his pride aside in order to do whatever was needed to accomplish his goals, having adopted Stain's ideology to enlist more members to his cause and forming a deal with the Shie Hassaikai for the development of the Quirk-Destroying Drug.

Initially, Tomura seemingly caused destruction just for the sake of it and felt directionless about the League's path forward after Stain's arrest. It would take a fateful meeting with Izuku in a mall for him to develop an epiphany and become aware of his true convictions: to crumble hero society through All Might's death. Tomura always had a desire to kill All Might, but out of an impulsive expression of anarchy towards a society that hurt him and caused his mental instability. After hearing from Izuku, Tomura realized that All Might is what he hated about both Izuku and Stain, wishing to see them, as well as society as a whole, lose their Symbol of Peace.[6] Following All Might's retirement and during the League of Villains' encounter with the Meta Liberation Army, Tomura's convictions grew from crippling society to completely destroying it, apparently as a result of an innate sense of pain and suffering caused by the past memories of his abuse. By Tomura's own admission, he hated everything that breathes, displaying an extreme form of nihilism.

All For One embraces Tenko Shimura

Tomura being found by All For One.

Despite Tomura's general disgust of life, there were a select number of people he held in high esteem. He had a close relationship with his mentor, All For One, the one person who came to his aid when he found himself alone and lost as a child. Tomura held a great amount of respect and attachment for All For One, always referring to him as "Sensei"/"Master" and being concerned for his well-being.[7] Incidentally, Tomura happened to carry All For One's family name (Shigaraki), which symbolized a relationship close to father and son. Tomura also had Kurogiri as a trusted confidant and adviser, despite treating him harshly at times. Kurogiri's capture was noted to have made Tomura upset as the latter valued the former's company and abilities.

Aside from those two and Kyudai Garaki, who all had a hand in raising him, Tomura initially appeared rather distant towards his other allies in the League, however he did show to care about them in his own ways. He bonded with Spinner over their shared love of video games, to the latter's surprise.[8] He also cared about them enough to prioritize their comfort once he obtained the necessary finances, and became enraged when Overhaul killed Magne and destroyed Mr. Compress' arm. Beforehand, when Kurogiri labelled the other League members as disposable pawns, Tomura corrected him by saying that they are instead valued allies.[9] Tomura displayed both faith in the League's capabilities and trust in them to do right by him and their group, as seen when he confided in Himiko and Twice before appointing them to aid Overhaul (knowing they would intentionally sabotage the Hassaikai from within, even without his orders).[10]

Himiko happy that Tomura respects her wishes

Tomura assures his allies that he respects their wishes.

Furthermore, when Himiko questioned Tomura on his newfound goal to destroy everything, he revealed that his allies were exceptions, saying that he always has room for them and their goals while telling them to live life however they see fit. This proves that Tomura had developed a true form of care towards his allies, even if he only seldom showed it.[11] This further set Tomura apart from All For One as he actually had goals and desires beyond himself, and genuinely values his allies, while All For One saw his "friends" as nothing more than disposable tools. His exclamation that he "won't be corrupted" by his master's influence implied that, while Tomura was potentially more dangerous and destructive than All For One, the latter was far more darker and evil for caring about nothing but himself.

As a child, Tenko was shown to be relatively normal, even kind and compassionate. He held a great love for his family and a strong desire to become a hero someday, not unlike Izuku. However, the constant abuse he suffered from his hero-hating father made him psychologically fragile, being terrified of his mere presence. Because of this oppressive upbringing and the inaction from the rest of his family, Tenko felt that his whole family had never been supportive of his desires, becoming increasingly frustrated when the abuse grew worse. Eventually, his Quirk manifested for the first time, and Tenko's sanity finally snapped, destroying his household and all his family members.

Tomura Shigaraki awakens his true evil

Tomura laughs maniacally upon being freed from his past and unleashing his true power.

At first, Tomura expressed heavy remorse for accidentally killing his family upon losing control of his newfound Quirk. The severed hands that Tomura wore all over himself were the only physical remnants of his dead loved ones, and he claimed that they made him feel simultaneously sick and calm.[11] Despite his sadness, Tomura experienced a partial relish in his family's demise since he considered them responsible for letting him suffer at his father's will. Tomura admitted that he felt a cathartic pleasure while ending Kotaro's life as retaliation for his abusive treatment.[12] During his fight against Re-Destro, Tomura overcame his past shackles of guilt after getting his memories back, having used his childhood feelings to further fuel his hatred and becoming even more driven to end society.[13]

Despite his past, however, Tomura held no hatred towards his family. This was shown when he assured his sister in his visions that he wasn't mad at her for framing him and also assured his mother that he was fine while turning back into a child in front of her, proving that a part of Tomura still cared about his family. However, he was willing to reject their pleas in order to continue the pursuit of his evil conquest, telling them not to reject who he had become and showing that he wouldn't let them hinder his goals. Upon meeting his paternal grandmother, Nana, for the first time, he coldly expressed his hatred for her regardless of the circumstances that allowed them to meet.

Tomura stands triumphantly on the beaten Endeavor and Ryukyu

Tomura mockingly poses as he stands over a defeated Endeavor and Ryukyu.

After gaining the power of All For One, as well as the enhancements to his body, Tomura began to show traits similar to that of his master, such as a condescending and mocking demeanor, along with a terror-inducing presence and a desire to steal any Quirk that piqued his interest, such as One For All and New Order. Regardless, he still maintained his nonchalant yet menacing attitude during battle and was capable of showing a savage anger towards his enemies, as demonstrated during his fight against Izuku and Eraser Head. Even after having been incinerated and inches away from death, Tomura refused to give up and vowed to destroy the hero society that had caused him so much suffering, believing that his sheer power and determination would see him through.

Despite feeling grateful towards All For One, Tomura outright stated to him that he wished to carve his own legacy and become even greater than his master. However, Tomura quickly began to detest All For One after learning that his true goals were to use his body as a vessel and take it over permanently. Tomura even went as far as to try and attack All For One's vestige and later refused to be his master's "pawn" whilst trying to regain control of his body. When he sensed his master's death, Tomura expressed no remorse or sympathy for him, though blamed himself for failing to break Katsuki hard enough. Nonetheless, he was indebted to All For One for raising him and granting him his power, because if it wasn't for him, he wouldn't have become the strongest villain.

As their time sharing the same consciousness continued, Tomura had shown to have entered a state of identity crisis, being unsure of whether or not he was actually Tomura Shigaraki, All For One, or even Tenko Shimura. This was shown to be the result of Tomura and All For One's wills merging together, with the elder Shigaraki summarizing that they would combine to become a new evil entity altogether, with Tomura's hatred accelerating the process. Despite this, Tomura still continued to fight his former master's control, unwilling to let this happen.

By the time of the Final War, Tomura and All For One's minds had nearly melded together as one, creating an entity that featured a mix of Tomura's nihilism and desire to destroy everything, and All For One's will to use his power to rule over all. However, deep within the vestige lies another entity, that of Tomura's previous form as a young Tenko.

Tenko calls out to Izuku

The vestige of Tenko within Tomura's mind.

During their first encounter in the vestige world, Izuku revealed that he could hear a crying child deep within Tomura, and following the latter's fight against Star and Stripe, Tenko was shown to be surrounded by an onslaught of hands, thinking about Izuku. During the fight against the Heroes, Mirio Togata unintentionally caused Tenko's personality to re-emerge after he claimed he didn't have any friends, which Tomura furiously denied, bringing up his childhood friends Mikkun and Tomo, and his pet dog Mon. This suggested that a part of Tomura still wanted to be saved and that his previous scared and lonely self wasn't completely gone.

Despite that, Tomura affirmed that he and Tenko both held the same goal upon reclaiming his body from All For One: the destruction of everything. "Tenko" was representative of his origin that he implanted deep within All For One's vestige as a means of winning back control of himself and the All For One Quirk. Even though Tomura acknowledged that a part of him was still in pain, he didn't desire anyone's pity and saw the rest of the world as no different from the abusive house he grew up in, desiring to eradicate everything associated with it while claiming that this would be the only thing that would grant him salvation. He also claimed that he had no desire for One For All, and that his previous obsession with stealing it was just a forced extension of his master's will, but was still willing to steal it and its accompanying Quirks in order to rid himself of Izuku, the only one capable of stopping him.

Tomura also took the opportunity to taunt and mock Izuku during their final battle, being impressed by his opponent's strength, but annoyed that he was holding back and still treating him as a human being despite his desire to decimate Japan. Despite this, he still had his fellow comrades from the League in his mind, having expressed his desire to make the "flattened horizon" that Spinner was looking forward to.

Once Izuku successfully breaks through Tomura's shell of hatred, he gets him to explain his desire for destruction. It's revealed that Tenko and Tomura were one and the same, with Tomura having deluded himself into thinking that he wanted to kill his family because he couldn't understand why he was born that way otherwise. Eventually, he genuinely opened up to Izuku and revealed that he would continue to destroy because he insisted the villains need a hero of their own, in a way showing that Tenko never truly lost his desire to be a hero.

However, Tomura became truly broken when All For One returned and revealed that he had given him his Decay Quirk when he was a child, and was the one who had orchestrated the events of his birth and upbringing, including encouraging his father's strict attitude, leading to the abuse and misery he suffered in his childhood, and causing the death of his entire family. In his supposed final moments, Tomura remembered everyone he ever hurt as he disintegrated, presumably reflecting upon his own agency when he committed those actions.

Even when all seemed lost for him however, Tomura would be saved from vanishing by his grandmother and later decided to aid the One For All users and Izuku in destroying All For One for good. As his body proceeded to crumble away, Tomura faced Izuku one last time in the vestige world, recounting how he never managed to destroy anything while also admitting that he may have been a crying child after all, possibly accepting that a part of himself as Tenko still exists. Izuku stated that even though he managed to reach Tenko and shatter his hatred, he remained the leader of the League of Villains to the very end. As a final request, Tomura tells Izuku to let Spinner know that he never gave up on his goal to destroy and even encouraged Izuku and everyone else to do their best while genuinely smiling at him. All Might surmises that even though Tomura's life couldn't be saved, Izuku still managed to save his soul, allowing him to pass away in peace.


Tomura disintegrates two MLA warriors

Tomura's increased speed and technique after training against Gigantomachia.

Overall Abilities: Tomura was the most powerful villain in the world, having surpassed that of even his master All For One and contending with every Pro Hero in combat thanks to his physical and analytical skills. As the leader of the League of Villains, Tomura had total command over his powerful subordinates. During the U.S.J. Incident, Tomura had the mettle to briefly take on the formidable Pro Hero Eraser Head, and successfully used his Decay Quirk on the Erasure Hero's right arm. Tomura was even confident that he could take down Izuku, Shoto Todoroki, Katsuki, and Eijiro Kirishima, four extremely powerful U.A. High School students, although at the time, he didn't know the full extent of the quartet's abilities. Tomura was capable of battling Gigantomachia for half a month, not giving up until he was able to make the behemoth submit. When he faced Re-Destro, and his left hand was partially destroyed, Tomura's prowess had been suddenly enhanced to levels beyond his natural parameters. According to Re-Destro, if Tomura had his newly increased physical parameters during the Kamino Incident, he would've easily taken out at least one or two of the Pro Heroes during that event, even without his Decay Quirk.[14]

After a fierce battle, he was not only able to defeat Re-Destro and gain control of the latter's army, but also tamed Gigantomachia with his accomplishment. Similar to his master, Tomura's aura was capable of instilling fear into others, and his mere gaze was enough to paralyze Trumpet's followers, who were under the influence of Incite and given orders to eliminate Tomura.[15] This was seen again when he encountered Izuku and Katsuki, with his mere presence being powerful enough to instill hallucinations of death into both teenagers.[16] After Kyudai Garaki conducted body modifications to Tomura, his overall abilities have surpassed all of the Pro Heroes to the point where his powers were on par with All Might when the latter had One For All. He fought multiple top level Pro Heroes and Hero students for an extended period of time, with solely his bodily modifications. Due to his immense power, Tomura eventually grew to be feared worldwide due to being able to kill the immensely powerful Star and Stripe, one of the world's top heroes. Eventually, the world became so afraid of him that nations, including the United States, were already planning to pledge their allegiance to him, so that casualties would have been kept to a minimum, should Tomura have sought them out.[17]

As the result of the Quirk Singularity, his body began to morph into its ideal form, giving Tomura an ultimate absolute defense form which increased his abilities greatly, enabling him to grow fingers endlessly, and transforming his body into a more bulky and heavier tone. His abilities had increased so dramatically that he had far surpassed even All Might and All For One at their prime. In the Final War, despite having his Quirks nullified by Erasure, and fighting in a battlefield specifically designed to counter his abilities, Tomura still proceeded to directly overpower and nearly kill each and every hero that was at the U.A. Fortress before Izuku finally arrived.

His body had adapted itself to not only enhance his speed, strength, and stamina, but he also possessed the ability to adapt his body into any situation, depending on what fit his desired mental state. His power was at the point where the only person who could fight him on equal terms was Izuku with One For All. After gaining back full control of his body, with All For One's persona no longer holding back his destructive tendencies, Tomura was able to unleash his true capabilities, dominating Izuku using 120% of One For All, and threatening to decay all of Japan within just a week.

  • Enhanced Strength: Tomura seems to be stronger than his build suggests, capable of holding Izuku by choking him with only four fingers while his victim displayed visible difficulty in trying to fight back.
  • Enhanced Durability: Tomura was able to withstand a point-blank blast from Katsuki's Explosion Quirk, sustaining little to no damage. He was even capable of battling Gigantomachia for a month and a half, and withstand the behemoth's attacks.[18] This trait carries on to the point where he manages to withstand a brutal beating from a powered-up Re-Destro.[19]
  • Enhanced Speed: Tomura appears to be able to move very quickly, which helps him to touch his targets and affect them with minimal contact. He was able to appear before Tsuyu Asui in an instant and see Izuku after the latter had jumped at a speed that rivalled All Might's, immediately reacting afterwards. Only All Might himself was too fast for Tomura to track. Even when he was notably exhausted during the battle against the Meta Liberation Army, he swiftly swung himself atop a wall to avoid a massive onslaught of Army members, to their surprise, before disintegrating many of them in an instant. When he battled Re-Destro, he was able to move so fast with minimal wasted movements, that Re-Destro was taken by surprise by the increase in speed he had obtained.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Initially, Tomura's reflexes were on human levels, though still decently sharp as he was able to block Eraser Head's attacks during the raid on the U.S.J. While during his first battle with Gigantomachia, Tomura could barely dodge any attacks from the behemoth, but over the course of his training while fighting him, his reflexes have sharpened, allowing him to subsequently evade around Re-Destro's Stress: 100%.

Keen Intellect: Tomura possesses a sharp mind and is analytical, being able to deduce the workings of his opponents' abilities simply by observing them in action. He quickly deduced Eraser Head's weaknesses in combat and took advantage of them.[20] Tomura has a certain skill for unexpected plans, even when his intentions are apparently clear. After battling Gigantomachia for over a month, Tomura realized that the behemoth has gotten much slower compared to the League of Villains' first encounter with him, and strongly believes that he will soon have Gigantomachia successfully tamed.

A further display of Tomura's wit and proficiency for tactical planning is when the League of Villains were threatened by Re-Destro to either face the Meta Liberation Army in Deika City, or be located by the Heroes and face arrest. Tomura concocted the plan to go and face Re-Destro's army, knowing that Gigantomachia would soon awaken from his slumber and locate Tomura instantly, doing this as to have Gigantomachia plow through the MLA's warriors, which would serve to simultaneously chip away at the behemoth's immense stamina and take out their opposition.[21] This plan to kill two birds with one stone was successful, and thanks to Tomura's outstanding display of power while defeating Re-Destro by freeing himself of his past and awakening his true power, he was successful in taming Gigantomachia and having Re-Destro surrender his forces to him, resulting in the formation of the Paranormal Liberation Front.[15]

As an almost fully merged consciousness of Tomura and All For One's vestige, he possesses all the knowledge, experience, intelligence, and cunning of the original All For One. During his battle against Star and Stripe, Tomura was able to quickly surmise the functions and limits of her Quirk, New Order, realizing that if the Quirk could give her infinite strength, then Star would have killed him immediately by crushing his head. He also quickly learned that New Order requires a living target's identity to align with Star and Stripe's own understanding, and that he survived her rule that his heart would stop due to him questioning his true identity. From this comprehension, Tomura also realized that because of this, New Order works far more effectively on non-living things, as Star's one-sided understanding of an inanimate object is enough for her to enforce a rule of her choosing.[22]

Indomitable Will: Stemming from his traumatic past, abuse, and his hatred of the hero society, Tomura has a remarkably strong willpower which fuels his desire to destroy. When fighting Re-Destro, despite the villain's superior strength, Tomura refused to yield, and this determination allowed him to re-awaken the true power of his Quirk. This willpower was enough to strike a sense of fear in Re-Destro, who was single-handedly defeated in battle. Tomura's aura remained frightening enough that his gaze petrified all of Trumpet's followers who were empowered by Incite to kill him. His willpower and hatred of the current society is so strong that even after having his stabilization process interrupted and left biologically dead, he was able to bring himself back to life through the sheer force of his hatred.[23]

Despite being overwhelmed by powerful attacks from multiple heroes, Tomura continued to push through the pain and surpass his limits throughout the fight. Even when being charred to a crisp by Endeavor's Plus Ultra Prominence Burn and barely remaining conscious, Tomura refused to yield and attempted to fight against the remaining heroes with whatever he had left, even in his poorly bad-shaped conditions. One of the reasons All For One chose Tomura to receive the All For One Quirk is that Tomura's will and hatred could potentially be strong enough to force One For All to come to him and override the will of the current user and the spirits housed within. While he failed at the initial attempt (whether his hatred/will was insufficient or due to his body being incomplete is unclear), his will was strong enough to begin to erode One For All and start to draw it to him. The spirits within One For All even state that it would be possible for Tomura to steal One For All if his body and will are strong enough.[24]

Even when the vestige of All For One was taking control of Tomura's body, Tomura's willpower never wavered from anything, even from his master. His strong willpower was so immense that he hid his own core deep within his own soul, and without All For One noticing, he was able to reclaim himself from the inside and out, following the path toward his origin as he continues down his dark crusade to destroy everything that created the abusive house he lived in.[25] Tomura's willpower was also able to resist All For One's Warping Quirk, swallowing it as he told his Master not to get in his way.[26] Tomura's will has now reached the point that it has surpassed that of the One For All users, leaving both the Quirk and its additional Quirk Factors vulnerable to being stolen by him.[27]

However, once Izuku had broken through his shell of hatred and listened to Tomura's rationalizations of his path, his will has weakened enough that All For One could regain control and swallow Tomura up once more.[28]

Bodily Modification: After becoming leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front and earning the respect of Gigantomachia, Kyudai Garaki subjected a willing Tomura to body modification surgery. While the details of this surgery and its effects are unknown, the doctor believes that it will allow Tomura to surpass the powers of One For All. Even before the surgery was finished, a hero as powerful as Mirko was overcome with fear when she sensed him in his surgery capsule to the point that she attempted to smash it, and quickly told the other heroes that Tomura could not be allowed to awaken from the surgery no matter what.[29] Indeed, Tomura's physical abilities have increased so exponentially that, upon his awakening, Endeavor goes as far as to compare him to All Might.[30] The modifications allow him to drastically amplify the power of his already awakened Decay Quirk, giving him the ability to disintegrate masses as large as the entire Jaku Hospital, a portion of the surrounding city and the nearby forest and mountains in one fell swoop.[31] However, because his modification was interrupted before completion, his new body has some drawbacks and will begin to tear if he overexerts himself, as seen when a large tear appeared on Tomura's chest and arm, and even the super regeneration took a moment to kick in, though this was when he was only 75% complete.[32]

  • Immense Strength: After the surgery, Tomura's natural physical strength was augmented by several immense levels, allowing him to move freely in the air with only his arm movements. Endeavor went so far as to compare Tomura's strength to All Might, though Dr. Garaki stated that Tomura's strength is not quite on-par with All Might's, since any further remodeling of his body would've overburdened his mind.[33] Even this level of strength was strong enough to easily overpower both Endeavor and Ryukyu while his Quirks were erased, as well as Deku with 45% of One For All. Furthermore, he was able to fire a Quirk-Destroying Drug and hit Eraser Head with it from several feet away simply by flicking the bullet with his fingers.[34] After his body was completed, Tomura is shown strong enough to break out of Best Jeanist's carbon fibers in a instant, defeat Mirko, Tamaki, and Nejire in one punch, and erupt the entire battlefield of the U.A. fortress in his absolute defensive form.
    • Enhanced Leap and Mobility: Thanks to his augmented immense strength, Tomura can use his legs to jump extremely high with enough force to shatter the ground beneath him. He can also easily maneuver himself in the air, even without the aid of his Quirks. In his absolute defensive form, Tomura is shown to shake the entire U.A. fortress with a single leap.
  • Immense Speed and Reflexes: After Tomura underwent months of painful surgery, his speed and reflexes were significantly enhanced, allowing him to outmaneuver Endeavor and move across Jaku City in very little time, as well as outpace several other heroes. When pushing his body past its limits, his speed increases even more, managing to catch Gran Torino, one of the fastest heroes in the world, and impale his chest before he could react. In addition to his increased speed, Tomura's reflexes have been significantly sharper, as he was able to evade around Endeavor's Hell Spider while in midair. During his final battle with Izuku, and after stealing Danger Sense, his speed and reflexes have increased even further to the point that he can keep up with the young hero while he is using both Gearshift and Fa Jin, and dodge Blackwhip and Blackchain, empowered by both Quirks.
  • Immense Durability: The modifications to Tomura's body significantly increased his physical durability, allowing Tomura to withstand Endeavor's strongest attacks. Tomura was also able to take Katsuki's AP Machine-Gun, likening the explosions to mere fireworks.[30] His remarkable durability showed itself when he was able to stay conscious after enduring Katsuki's Grenadier explosion and Endeavor's Vanishing Fist, but more impressively, manage to endure Izuku's Wyoming Smash, all while having his Quirks erased. He was also strong enough to endure multiple smash attacks from Deku at 100% in repeated succession. Perhaps his most remarkable feat of durability is when he was able to withstand Star and Stripe's State-of-the-Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Punch, an attack with enough power to be seen from the Japanese mainland, although Tomura was forced to bury himself underneath the ground to avoid the full brunt of the blast and had most of his body destroyed by the force of the blast.[35] In his completed state, his durability has increased to the point that he can withstand multiple attacks from the Pro Heroes and the Big 3. He tanks Katsuki's Howitzer Impact, takes an enhanced punch from Mirio with Nejire's Wave Motion energy, and survives Tamaki's Plasma Cannon directly without having much of a scratch. His remarkable durability is shown again when he endures Deku's Detroit Smash: Quintuple, and manages to survive even with a large hole within his stomach.
  • Immense Stamina: Tomura has demonstrated a significant increase in stamina, being able to withstand great pain and continue standing after multiple powerful attacks even without having his Super Regeneration Quirk. Despite being struck by both Katsuki and Endeavor's ultimate moves in succession, Tomura was still able to continue fighting, pushing past his limits and moving faster than before. However, because of the incomplete stabilization, his body momentarily started to break down, with his super regeneration taking a minute to kick in.[32] The stabilization interruption continued to have a toll on his body, as Izuku noted Tomura's regeneration had slowed down even further after taking hits from him at 100%.[36] Even after being pummeled by Deku with multiple smash attacks at 100% and being charred by Endeavor's Prominence Burn, Tomura was able to retain his consciousness and keep fighting. Even after Deku punched a large hole through his stomach and exploded out of his apex form, Tomura was still able to keep fighting, after just a few moments of getting used to having full control of his body back.
  • Accelerated Growth Rate: Due to both the body modifications and the extra Quirks Tomura has received, his body has begun to mutate to adapt to the immense power he holds. This manifests at first in the missing fingers from his left hand partially regrowing but it can vastly accelerate to produce a monstrous blob of grotesque, writhing fingers of various sizes, through which he can potentially use his Decay for an even more devastating effect. Tomura seemingly has some control over reversing the growth.[37] In Tomura's own words, as All For One takes root within him, his body is adapting to the legion of stockpiled Quirks, as well as environmental factors, searching for its ideal form.[38] However, his core body is still far more durable than the finger growths.[39]
    • Adaptation: As a result of his body continuing to change and grow, Tomura's body can adapt to deal with new threats. After being injected with toxic venom by Tamaki Amajiki, Tomura manifested oversized mouths across his body to vomit up the poison.[40] Due to the accumulating damage Tomura received by the heroes while his Quirks were erased by Neito's Erasure, Tomura's body can morph itself to form an absolute defensive form where he covers himself in armor made from his hands. Tomura's body manifests this form instinctively when it senses an attack he cannot afford to be hit by.[41]
    • Visage Generation: Tomura's growth is able to generate visages of people. After Tenko's vestige is corrupted, images of the Shimura family begin to appear along Tomura's arm growth.[42]
    • Moulting: Tomura possessed the ability to moult his body like a caterpillar to shed his old and damaged body into a brand new one, as shown after Izuku inflicted catastrophic damage to his body while being under the influence of Erasure.[43]



Tomura decaying Eraser Head's arm.

Decay ( (ほう) (かい) Hōkai?): Tomura's Quirk allows him to disintegrate whatever he touches with all five fingers. It will take effect whether the target is organic or not. The disintegration spreads quickly and will spread through the victim's whole body if they don't amputate the decaying body part. His Quirk can even spread beyond what he's touching, allowing him to disintegrate large groups of enemies instantly.[44] This Quirk was secretly given to him by All For One. Prior to the transfer, the Doctor modified it from its original form, removing the part that allowed the user to reverse the effects, leaving the Quirk purely destructive in nature.[45]

Because the Quirk has to touch a solid object in order to be activated, it is possible to counter it through manipulation of fluids or particles, such as Snatch's sand body.[46] Tomura is also to be able activate Decay on his feet.

During his battle against Re-Destro, Tomura's Quirk underwent what Rikiya describes as an awakening that bolsters the effectiveness and reach of Decay. Allowing him to not only wither away his targets without needing all five fingers, a feat displayed when Tomura used his two remaining digits to partially damage Re-Destro's giant pointer after the latter destroyed three of Tomura's own fingers on his left hand, albeit the effect was much slower and weaker compared to when Tomura uses all five of his digits.[14] But to deteriorate anything his power touches even when it doesn't directly connect with certain abstracts that he's using it on, like when a number of people he never made physical contact with were disintegrated and again when nearly all of Deika City and everything in it was reduced to dust in one go using his one good hand. Although Decay's new power inflicted backlash that heavily scarred Tomura's arm.[15]

After his surgery, Tomura's Quirk became significantly more powerful, allowing him to decay almost a third of Jaku City. Additionally, the power of Decay increased enough that even getting hit with a stray piece of decaying rubble would be enough to kill a person.[47] Not only did Tomura manage to increase Decay's power, but he also managed to obtain a much greater degree of control, allowing Tomura to choose specific targets not to hit with his Decay, which he did to spare several of the Nomu.[48]

After All For One's vestige completely gains control of Tomura's body, seemingly destroying Tomura's essence in the process, Decay no longer functions and is seemingly destroyed.[45]

Tomura succeeds in stealing New Order

Tomura using All For One to steal New Order.

All For One (オール・フォー・ワン Ōru Fō Wan?): Tomura's second Quirk is the original version of All For One used by his master.[49] It allows him to steal other people's Quirks and use them as his own. Just like its counterpart Quirk One For All, this Quirk contains the vestigial will and consciousness of its previous wielder. However unlike One For All, the vestigial will of its previous wielder seeks to usurp Tomura's body using his negative emotions such as anger and hatred as a catalyst. This makes the relation between past and present users more parasitic than symbiotic unlike its counterpart, thus allowing the elder Shigaraki's vestigial consciousness to take over instead. However, with enough willpower, Tomura is able to regain control of both his body and the Quirk itself.

In addition to the stockpile of Quirks from his master, Tomura has access to the vestige realm of All For One, as contained within the Quirk similar to its counterpart Quirk, One For All. Furthermore, since the Quirks are counterparts to each other, the vestiges of the earlier users resonate with the other Quirk and can peer into each other's inner workings, as shown when Tomura and All For One can see the vestiges.

  • Super Regeneration ( (ちょう) (さい) (せい) Chōsaisei?): Tomura possesses the ability to regenerate from any injuries at high speeds, allowing him to withstand Endeavor's Hellflame.[50] Tomura's original version was damaged during the battle against Star and Stripe, causing it to not function correctly. Because of this, he swapped it with one of the Near High-Ends' version.[51]
  • Search (サーチ Sāchi?): Tomura possesses Ragdoll's former Quirk, allowing him to view up to one hundred individuals at a time. He can see them from a distance and through obscuring barriers. This Quirk also allows him to identify their weak points.[50]
  • Air Cannon ( (くう) () () () Kūki o Oshidasu?): Tomura can fire large blasts of pressurized air from the palms of his hands.[50]
  • Radio Waves ( (でん) () Denpa?): Tomura can disrupt radio waves and cause communicators to malfunction.[16]
  • Rivet Stab (鋲突 Byōtotsu?): Tomura creates black tendrils that have red prominent cracked lines from his hands and his spine as an offensive technique, stabbing Endeavor and Katsuki with them.[52]
  • Heavy Payload ( (じゅう) () Jūka?): Tomura can seemingly increase the amount of damage being dealt.[53]
  • Scatter ( (かく) (さん) Kakusan?): Tomura can split up projectiles allowing them to scatter all over.[53]
  • Springlike Limbs ( (きん) (こつ) () () () Kinkotsu Baneka?): Tomura can coil his muscles, allowing him to enhance his physical strength and push himself through the air.[53]
  • Wing: Stolen from a Near High-End Nomu, this Quirk grants Tomura the ability to grow black wings from his back and fly.[54]
  • Danger Sense ( () () (かん) () Kiki Kanchi?): Stolen from Izuku and One For All, this Quirk lets Tomura detect nearby threats and be able to react to them.[55]
  • Unnamed Flight Quirk: This Quirk allows Tomura to suspend himself and maneuver through mid-air unaided, granting him flight.[55]
  • Unnamed Black Lightning Quirk: This Quirk allows Tomura to shoot black lightning bolts anywhere from his body, including his hands.[56]
  • Unnamed Repulsion Quirk: This Quirk allows Tomura to generate repulsion rings that let him propel himself through a reinforced, repulsive power, gaining a rapid increase in speed. He can use this Quirk in reverse to repulse backwards like a slingshot.[56]

Former Quirks[]

  • Unknown Quirk: Tomura was born with an unknown Quirk that All For One removed when he was an infant.[45]
  • Reflect ( (はん) (しゃ) Hansha?): Tomura could reflect attacks back towards his opponents.[53] This Quirk was destroyed by New Order.[57]
  • New Order (新秩序 (ニューオーダー) Nyū Ōdā?): Stolen from Cathleen Bate, this Quirk allowed Tomura to set up to two rules upon his surroundings, manipulating them to his will. However, due to a rule Cathleen imposed on it before it was stolen, it revolted against other Quirks stored within Tomura's body, even destroying some of them,[57] eventually leading to its self-destruction.[54]
  • One For All (ワン・フォー・オール Wan Fō Ōru?): Forcibly transferred by Izuku, this Quirk allowed Tomura to stockpile an enormous amount of raw power, allowing him to significantly enhance all of his physical abilities to various boundless levels. This results in unbelievable levels of strength, speed, stamina, agility, and durability. Izuku transferred the Quirk in order to destroy Tomura's leaden soul from within, destroying the Quirk in the process.[58]
    • Gearshift ( (へん) (そく) Hensoku?): Forcibly transferred by Izuku, this Quirk allowed Tomura to change the speed and/or velocity of any target he touches, including himself. However, the downside of this Quirk is that the user is paralyzed and can't breathe the moment it is used. As a result of Izuku using the Quirk past its cooldown period, Tomura was forced to suffer the recoil blowback. Izuku transferred the Quirk in order to destroy Tomura's leaden soul from within, destroying the Quirk in the process.[41]
    • Smokescreen ( (えん) (まく) Enmaku?): Forcibly transferred by Izuku, this Quirk allowed Tomura to generate a thick cloud of purple smoke from his body. Izuku transferred the Quirk in order to destroy Tomura's leaden soul from within, destroying the Quirk in the process.[59]
    • Fa Jin ( (はっ) (けい) Hakkei?): Forcibly transferred by Izuku, this Quirk allowed Tomura to build up and store kinetic energy by performing repetitive movement. Izuku transferred the Quirk in order to destroy Tomura's leaden soul from within, destroying the Quirk in the process.[60]
    • Blackwhip (黒鞭 (クロムチ) Kuro Muchi?): Forcibly transferred by Izuku, this Quirk allowed Tomura to generate tendrils of black energy from his body that are good for grappling. Izuku transferred the Quirk in order to destroy Tomura's leaden soul from within, destroying the Quirk in the process.[60]
    • Float ( () (ゆう) Fuyū?): Forcibly transferred by Izuku, this Quirk allowed Tomura to suspend himself in mid-air, granting him flight. Izuku transferred the Quirk in order to destroy Tomura's leaden soul from within, destroying the Quirk in the process.[60]


2/5 D
5/5 A
5/5 A
5/5 A
2/5 D
Tomura's stats, according to the Ultra Archive Book

6/6 S+
4/6 B-
5/6 A
5/6 A
6/6 S
Tomura's stats, according to the Ultra Analysis Book

6/6 S+
6/6 S+
5/6 A
5/6 A
Tomura's stats, according to Hawks' Villain Report


Disembodied Hands: The most characteristic element of Tomura's costume is a set of fourteen disembodied hands, covering his upper body and face. These hands are the remnants of his family, which he accidentally killed when his Decay Quirk manifested for the first time. The main hand on his face is called "Father". The hands were recovered and preserved by Kyudai Garaki, returning them to Tomura when he was rescued by All For One. An additional two sets of hands from two hoodlums were added to his villain costume. They have no other function than help Tomura's mind, who confesses that his hands make him feel calm and at peace, although also cause nausea. During his battle with Re-Destro, all but one of the hands got destroyed and Tomura himself would end up destroying his father's hand that had covered his face as a way to liberate himself from the past. He would wear the remaining hand as his trademark mask, which was later revealed as Nana Shimura's hand. All For One would then use the hand as a way to fully gain control of Tomura's body, as the calming hatred he feels when wearing it gives him more control.

Knife: Tomura temporarily wielded a knife, which he used to amputate one of Kai Chisaki's arms after he used his Decay Quirk on it.

Quirk-Destroying Drug: Tomura managed to salvage two Quirk-Destroying bullets from the machine X-Less destroyed in Dr. Kyudai's lab, which he would later use in the Paranormal Liberation War. He threw one at Eraser Head, which hit him in the leg, and intended to use the other one on Endeavor. However, the bullet meant for Endeavor was destroyed by Katsuki, and Eraser Head managed to amputate his own leg before the drug could destroy his Quirk.

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Battles & Events


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52. Hero Killer Stain vs. U.A. Students Mentioned
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354. Oopsie Daisy!! Absent
355. Extras Mentioned
356. Regarding the Enemy Absent
357. Wounded Hero, Burning Bright and True!! Mentioned
358. The Guy Who's Made Some Progress Appears
359. Place of Learning Appears
360. Despite It All... Appears
361. Abnormal Happenings Appears
362. Light Fades to Rain Appears
363. Those Who Defend, Those Who Violate Appears
364. Why We Wield Power Appears
365. No. 4 and No. 5 Appears
366. Full Moon Appears
367. Deku vs. All For One Appears
368. Rev Up, One For All Appears
369. A Chain of Events, Across the Ages Appears
370. HIStory Absent
371. Together with Shoji Flashback
372. Naked Mentioned
373. Friends Flashback
374. Butterfly Effect Appears
375. Chaotic Confusion Mentioned
376. On Knife's Edge Mentioned
377. The Chain Thus Far Appears
378. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 4 Appears
379. Hopes Appears
380. A Skosh Appears
381. Dark Mentioned
382. Don't Let Him Go Clone
383. Meek Spirits Absent
384. It's a Small World Appears
385. The Impulses of Youth Pictured
386. I AM HERE Mentioned
387. Congealing Absent
388. Toya Absent
389. Assurance and Prayers Absent
390. Shoto Todoroki Rising Absent
391. Rejecting the World Disguise
392. Villain Name Absent
393. A Girl's Ego Flashback
394. Ochaco Uraraka vs. Himiko Toga Flashback
395. Built Upon the Joy of Others Fantasy
396. Battle Without A Quirk Absent
397. Trash Cleanup Absent
398. Toshinori Yagi: Rising/Origin Appears
399. Organic, Mingling Clusters of Light Absent
400. Beyond Limits Flashback
401. The Lunatic Flashback
402. The Tearful Days Appears
403. The End of an Era, and... the Beginning Appears
404. We Love You, All Might!! Appears
405. The Final Boss!! Appears
406. Get a Grip on Your Quirk!! Appears
407. An Exceptional Child Absent
408. The Eyes Tell All!! Flashback
409. Quirk: Explosion!! Mentioned
410. Farewell, All For One!! Appears
411. History's Greatest Villain Appears
412. History's Maddest Hero Appears
413. Leaden Mass Appears
414. Overlay Appears
415. Rejection Appears
416. Wrench It Open, Izuku Midoriya!! Appears
417. Shimura Appears
418. Meek Spirits Appears
419. Design Appears
420. From Aizawa Appears
421. We Are Here Appears
422. Izuku Midoriya Rising Appears
423. One For All vs. All For One Death
424. Epilogue Flashback

Anime Appearances[]

Season 1
1. Izuku Midoriya: Origin Absent
2. What It Takes to Be a Hero Absent
3. Roaring Muscles Absent
4. Start Line Absent
5. What I Can Do for Now Absent
6. Rage, You Damn Nerd Absent
7. Deku vs. Kacchan Absent
8. Bakugo's Start Line Debut
9. Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Ida! Appears
10. Encounter with the Unknown Appears
11. Game Over Appears
12. All Might Appears
13. In Each of Our Hearts Appears
Season 2
14. That's the Idea, Ochaco Flashback
15. Roaring Sports Festival Absent
16. In Their Own Quirky Ways Appears
17. Strategy, Strategy, Strategy Absent
18. Cavalry Battle Finale Absent
19. The Boy Born with Everything Absent
20. Victory or Defeat Absent
21. Battle on, Challengers! Absent
22. Bakugo vs. Uraraka Appears
23. Shoto Todoroki: Origin Absent
24. Fight on, Ida Appears
25. Todoroki vs. Bakugo Appears
26. Time to Pick Some Names Flashback
27. Bizarre! Gran Torino Appears Appears
28. Midoriya and Shigaraki Appears
29. Hero Killer: Stain vs U.A. Students Appears
30. Climax Appears
31. The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain Appears
32. Everyone's Internships Absent
33. Listen Up!! A Tale from the Past Screen
34. Gear up for Final Exams Absent
35. Yaoyorozu: Rising Absent
36. Stripping the Varnish Absent
37. Katsuki Bakugo: Origin Appears
38. Encounter Appears
Season 3
39. Game Start Appears
40. Wild, Wild Pussycats Appears
41. Kota Absent
42. My Hero Flashback
43. Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!! Appears
44. Roaring Upheaval Mentioned
45. What a Twist! Appears
46. From Ida to Midoriya Appears
47. All For One Appears
48. Symbol of Peace Appears
49. One For All Flashback
50. End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End Appears
51. Moving into Dorms Absent
52. Create Those Ultimate Moves Flashback
53. The Test Absent
54. Shiketsu High Lurking Absent
55. Class 1-A Absent
56. RUSH! Absent
57. Rescue Exercises Absent
58. Special Episode: Save the World with Love! Absent
59. What's the Big Idea? Absent
60. A Talk about Your Quirk Appears
61. Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2 Absent
62. A Season for Encounters Mentioned
63. Unrivaled Appears
Season 4
64. The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A Absent
65. Overhaul Appears
66. Boy Meets... Flashback
67. Fighting Fate Appears
68. Let's Go, Gutsy Red Riot Appears
69. An Unpleasant Talk Absent
70. GO!! Fantasy
71. Suneater of the Big Three Absent
72. Red Riot Absent
73. Temp Squad Flashback
74. Lemillion Mentioned
75. Unforeseen Hope Fantasy
76. Infinite 100% Absent
77. Bright Future Appears
78. Smoldering Flames Mentioned
79. Win Those Kids' Hearts Absent
80. Relief for License Trainees Absent
81. School Festival Absent
82. Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part Flashback
83. Gold Tips Imperial Absent
84. Deku vs. Gentle Criminal Absent
85. School Festival Start!! Absent
86. Let It Flow! School Festival! Absent
87. Japanese Hero Billboard Chart Absent
88. His Start Absent
Season 5
89. All Hands on Deck! Class 1-A Absent
90. Vestiges Mentioned
91. Clash! Class A vs. Class B! Absent
92. Make It Happen, Shinso! Absent
93. Operation New Improv Moves Flashback
94. Foresight Absent
95. Match 3 Absent
96. Match 3 Conclusion Absent
97. Early Bird! Absent
98. That Which Is Inherited Fantasy
99. Our Brawl Absent
100. The New Power and All For One Absent
101. Have a Merry Christmas! Appears
102. Off to Endeavor's Agency! Absent
103. One Thing at a Time Mentioned
104. Long Time No See, Selkie Absent
105. The Hellish Todoroki Family Absent
106. The Unforgiven Absent
107. More of a Hero Than Anyone Appears
108. My Villain Academia Appears
109. Revival Party Appears
110. Sad Man's Parade Appears
111. Tenko Shimura: Origin Appears
112. Tomura Shigaraki: Origin Appears
113. The High, Deep Blue Sky Appears
Season 6
114. A Quiet Beginning Appears
115. Mirko, the No. 5 Hero Appears
116. One's Justice Appears
117. Inheritance Appears
118. The Thrill of Destruction Appears
119. Encounter, Part 2 Appears
120. Disaster Walker Appears
121. League of Villains Vs. U.A. Students Appears
122. Katsuki Bakugo Rising Appears
123. The Ones Within Us Appears
124. Dabi's Dance Appears
125. Threads of Hope Appears
126. Final Performance Appears
127. Hellish Hell Appears
128. Tartarus Appears
129. The Hellish Todoroki Family, Part 2 Flashback
130. The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire Pictured
131. Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki Flashback
132. Full Power!! Flashback
133. Hired Gun Flashback
134. The Lovely Lady Nagant Flashback
135. Friend Vision
136. Deku vs. Class A Flashback
137. A Young Woman's Declaration Flashback
138. No Man Is an Island Flashback
Season 7
139. In the Nick of Time! A Big-Time Maverick from the West! Appears
140. Specter Appears
141. Villain Appears
142. The Story of How We All Became Heroes Flashback
143. Let You Down Appears
144. Division Appears
145. Inflation Appears
146. Two Flashfires Flashback
147. Extras Appears
148. Wounded Hero, Burning Bright and True!! Appears
149. Light Fades To Rain Absent


Prototype Tomura Design

Early concept design for Tomura.

  • Tomura was initially designed to be creepier, having empty, black eyes and mouth. Aside from those specific features, this design was not very different from his final one. His prototype codename was Sazanka ( () (ザン) () ? lit. "Sand Calamity").
  • Tomura's surname contains the kanji for "death" ( shi?), "handle, grip" ( gara?) and "tree" ( ki?), and his first name contains "funerals" ( tomura?). Additionally, his birth name contains the kanji for "intention" ( shi?), "village" ( mura?), "revolve" ( ten?) and "arc" ( ko?).
  • Tomura's rankings in the Popularity Polls are as follows:
    • Tomura ranked 19th in the First Popularity Poll.
    • Ranked 16th in the Second Popularity Poll.
    • Ranked 15th in the Third Popularity Poll.
    • Ranked 24th in the Fourth Popularity Poll.
    • Ranked 6th place in the Fifth Popularity Poll.
    • Ranked 10th place in the Sixth Popularity Poll.
  • Kohei Horikoshi revealed that he found drawing inexpressive hands extremely difficult. He stated that he was on the verge of tears every week due to having to draw a particular character which we are left to assume is Tomura.[61]
    • This is further hinted at in Tomura's Volume 23 profile, where Horikoshi states that drawing him is terrifyingly difficult.[2]
  • Horikoshi revealed that Tomura is based on the protagonist of his first oneshot from 2007 titled "Tenko", starring the eponymous boy during war time in feudal Japan.[62]
    • Both share the same first name (Tomura's real name is Tenko Shimura).
    • Both share the same power to disintegrate anything they touch with their hands.
    • Both are orphans, having accidentally killed loved ones with their powers.
    • Both are driven by a deep hate for the world and a very intense goal to destroy something in it. For Tomura, it's All Might and the world of heroes, and for Tenko, he wants to destroy all the swords in the world.
    • The design and appearance of Tomura when he is young is similar to Tenko's, only with shorter hair.
  • He shares his birthday with Naomasa Tsukauchi, Recovery Girl, and Kesagiri Man.
  • The severed hands that Tomura wears across his body are remnants of the first people he ever killed.
    • The hands around his neck came from his mother.
    • The hands on his upper arms came from his maternal grandfather.
    • The hands on his elbows came from his maternal grandmother.
    • The hands on his wrists came from his older sister.
    • The hands on his shoulders and sides came from two random men who made Tomura angry.
    • The hand that he wears on his face came from his father.
      • The hand he wears on the back of his head is a replacement given to him by All For One after he used his Quirk to destroy his father's other hand, later revealed to be the hand of his paternal grandmother, Nana Shimura.[49]
  • Tomura can be considered as a dark parallel to Izuku Midoriya. Although My Hero Academia tells the story of how Izuku became the greatest hero, it possibly also focuses on how Tomura will become the greatest villain. Like Izuku, Tomura starts off being rather naïve and insecure of his position and strength, gradually becoming more mature, confident, and powerful as the story continues.
    • Additionally, both Tomura and Izuku had similar backgrounds: children determined to become heroes that were bullied, neglected, and ostracized by society with only their respective masters, All For One and All Might, taking pity upon them. These mentors taught them to use their origins and pasts as motivations to become greater, although All For One's reasoning for helping Tomura was purely selfish.
  • Tomura is one of the few people revealed to be descendants of the 3 most infamous villains: All For One, Destro, and Oji Harima. In Tomura's case, he is the adopted son of All For One, the only descendant not blood related to their predecessor.
  • Tomura technically has had the most Quirks in the series. When he attained the All For One Quirk, he gained every Quirk that All For One had stolen while also possessing his own Decay Quirk, although Tomura has not been seen using all of the Quirks at his disposal as of yet. However, between New Order destroying several Quirks inside his body,[57] and All For One transferring several of his own Quirks away, it is unknown which one currently has the most.
  • Tomura's giant mutated form after his battle with Star and Stripe is similar to the final, grotesque form of Tetsuo Shima, the main antagonist of the infamous manga series Akira.
  • In the manga, Tomura's speech bubbles are drawn with jagged edges, but after regaining his memories, they are drawn normally. This is reflected in the English dub of the anime with Tomura's voice being light and raspy, but after regaining his memories, it becomes less raspy and gets a slightly deeper tone to it.
    • In the dub, his voice is also shown to become raspy as a child after he starts to give into his urge to destroy.
  • Tomura has a Canities subita, following the trauma of involuntary killing his family, his hair went from black to light blue.
    • Upon recovering his memories and coming to terms with his past, Tomura's hair turned completely white.
  • Tomura plays League of Legends, an interest he shares with Spinner.[63]
  • Tomura's Japanese voice actress for when he was a child, Arisa Sekine, also voices Mawata Fuwa, Woman, and Rody Soul as a child.


  • (To himself) "Create a world without All Might. And cause enough destruction to show them all how fragile their justice really is. From this day forward… that's my conviction. It's all about All Might."[64]
  • (To Overhaul) "Now you're a useless, helpless, Quirkless wonder. All that hard work you put in! It's mine now!! Your life's gonna be a real nail-bitter now... not that you've got any nails left to bite. You should just sit back and watch!! Have a nice life!! Because this... is our time!"[65]
  • (To Kyudai Garaki) "Even if this hero society comes crashing down... even if I rise to rule the underworld... that weight in my heart is never gonna go away. It's why I hate everything. Every living, breathing thing just rubs me the wrong way. So why not destroy it all? Why not destroy everything?[66]
  • (In regards to his mask) "These sorts of things too... all unnecessary."[67]
  • (To the Heroes in Jaku) "You Heroes pretend to be society's guardians. For generations, you pretended not to see those you couldn't protect and swept their pain under the rug. It's tainted everything you've built. That means your system's all rotten from the inside with maggots crawling out. It all builds up, little by little, over time. You've got the common trash, all too dependent on being protected. And the brave guardians who created the trash that need coddling. It's a corrupt, vicious cycle. Everything I've witnessed, this whole system you've built has always rejected me. Now I'm ready to reject it. That's why I destroy. That's why I took this power for myself. Simple enough? I don't care if you understand. That's what makes us heroes and villains."[32]
  • (To All For One and Izuku) "Everything I witness in this world of ours... led to the existence of that house. As Tomura Shigaraki and Tenko Shimura, I've got just one hope. The destruction of everything stemming from that house. That's the only thing that's gonna save me, hero."[25]
  • (To Izuku, his final words before disappearing) "Oh yeah? That depends... on what you people decide to do tomorrow. Make sure... you do your damn best."[68]


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