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Tommy S. Gordon (トミー・S・ゴードン Tomī S Gōdon?) is a former Next-Level Villain from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Tommy's head and upper torso are composed of the locomotive of a steam-powered train, with his large, cartoonish face being located on the smokebox. On his bottom half, he wears a bodysuit with gloves, boots, and a decorative belt.




Tank Engine (じょうききかんしゃ Jōki Kikan-sha?): Tommy's Quirk turns his head and upper torso into a steam locomotive.

  • Increased Speed: Due to his Quirk making his upper half composed of steam-powered machinery, Tommy can run at very fast speeds. He was able to keep up with Koichi Haimawari, who was able to move up to speeds comparable to a speeding bus.


  • Tommy's given name and appearance is a reference to Thomas the Tank Engine, while his surname and the number 4 on his sides is a reference to the Thomas & Friends character, Gordon.


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