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The Tokyo Sky Egg (東京スカイエッグ Tōkyō Sukaieggu?) was a 500 meter high tower with a disc-shaped structure with a dome located above the tower.


The Tokyo Sky Egg was used mainly as an auditorium for various shows and spectacles, with a seating capacity of 50,000 spectators.[1] The building has security measures in case of problems. During a earthquake or blackout, the elevators shut down but the emergency stairs leading to the bottom of the dome unlock.[2]


The tower was destroyed during the celebration of Captain Celebrity's farewell party. A villain known as Number 6 attacked the Tokyo Sky Egg with Bombers, flying creatures with the ability to self-destruct. Number 6 aimed to kill Captain Celebrity, but the intervention of several heroes prevented this. In retaliation, Number 6 caused one of the Bombers to self-destruct in a huge explosion that caused the tower to begin to collapse, with thousands of people inside.[3]

Fortunately, All Might averted the tragedy, using his power to land the Tokyo Sky Egg dome safely.[4]



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