Togaru Kamakiri ( (かま) (きり) (とがる) Kamakiri Togaru?)[1] is a student in Class 1-B at U.A. High School training to become a Pro Hero.


Togaru is a tall person with a mohawk and two mandible-like blades on his head.

His hero costume consists of a mask tied on his head. He also wears a furry jacket and a zig-zag pattern on his shirt.


Not much has been released about Togaru's personality.


U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Togaru placed 35th in the Obstacle Course and teamed up with Pony Tsunotori for the Cavalry Battle.



Razor Sharp (刃鋭 Jinei?)[1]: Nothing about this Quirk is known except its name.


  • Togaru's name contains the kanji for "scythe/sickle" (?), "cut" (?), and "apex" (?).
    • Kamakiri means "praying mantis", although "鎌切" is an uncommon way of writing it.
  • Togaru likes collecting insects.


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