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Tiamat (ティアマト Tiamato?) is a series of state-of-the-art hypersonic intercontinental thermonuclear cruise missiles developed by the U.S. military.[1] It was used for the first time against Tomura Shigaraki.


Tiamat uses an archetypal intercontinental cruise missile design for advanced thermonuclear weaponry. It has visibly large wings, fin stabilizers and a powerful propulsion allowing it to move at hypersonic speeds. Each missile has a serial number above its wings.

The No. 1 Pro Hero of the United States, Star and Stripe, has a special authority to request the missiles from U.S. military commander Timothy Agpar. If the request is accepted, the missiles will be sent shortly after and reach their destination in a short amount of time. Star and Stripe uses the missiles in conjunction with her air construct to deliver a powerful blow with the intention of killing Tomura.

Commander Agpar has implied that the usage of the Tiamat missiles is against several international/national laws and regulations outside of war and that Star and Stripe requesting them will cause her to lose her hero license.


  • Tiamat is the name of the Babylonian goddess of the primordial sea and chaos.


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