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The Lurkers (ラーカーズ Rākāzu?) are a team of Pro Heroes.


Although the team consists of only three heroes in its ranks, it can be considered quite powerful since its members are very highly-ranked heroes in the Hero Billboard Chart JP; the No. 4 Hero Edgeshot, the No. 7 Hero Kamui Woods and the No. 23 Hero Mt. Lady. This implies that the team is strong and versatile.



The Lurkers team up.

After All Might's retirement, many heroes have formed a team to combat the rise in crime. After the events at Kamino, Edgeshot invites Kamui to team up together, which he accepts. Kamui was so happy that he sobbed for two hours.[1] Later they would invite Mt. Lady to join them. There had been rumors for a while about their team up, before it finally became official, calling themselves "The Lurkers".[2]

Pro Hero Arc

The Lurkers carried out several missions, getting both Egdeshot and Kamui being ranked as No. 4 and No. 7 heroes respectively on the Hero Billboard Chart JP. Mt. Lady only got the 23rd place in the standings, which causes her much discomfort. When Kamui Woods has the chance to speak live at the event, he says he'll work hard on Edgeshot's team.[3]

Endeavor Agency Arc

Several U.A. students join The Lurkers for the Work-Studies

Due to the increase of villain activity, the Hero Public Safety Commission reactivates the Hero Work-Studies and demand all the students' heroes to undergo practical field training,[4] Denki, Hanta, and Minoru from Class 1-A, and Ibara from Class 1-B join them.[5]

My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission

During the Hero Work-Studies, The Lurkers and their trainees participate in the mission organized by the World Heroes Association to take down Humarise, an anti-Quirk cult that carries out a terrorist attack with a Trigger Bomb. They travel to Egypt to join the team of heroes in charge of assaulting the branch in Cairo. The branch is successfully stormed, and hundreds of cultists are arrested, however there is no trace of the bombs, so they remain in the country to investigate.

The Lurkers battle Humarise to seize the Trigger Bombs.

Days later, Humarise announces globally that in two hours they will detonate all the Trigger Bombs that have been hidden in various cities around the world, including the Fallen. The Lurkers set out to evacuate the frightened civilians and find the Trigger Bombs, and when they manage to locate them, they must fight the Humarise members guarding the weapons.

Fortunately, Humarise's main base in Otheon was able to be stormed, their leaders defeated, and the countdown deactivated, saving millions of lives. After this, Humarise is definitively defeated and The Lurkers return to Japan.[6]

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

The Lurkers with the Villa Raid team.

By the end of March, The Lurkers as well as the students who did the second Hero Work-Studies with them, participate in the Paranormal Liberation War, specifically in the Gunga Mountain Villa Raid. While Edgeshot, Kamui Woods, Mt. Lady and Chargebolt participate in the actual raid; Cellophane, Grape Juice and Vines are members of the Backup Team[7] made up primarily of students whose mission is to prevent members of the Paranormal Liberation Front from slip past the front line.[8]

Thanks to careful planning, the heroes took the initiative in the conflict, defeating a good number of villains.[9] Considering that their powers were no longer necessary, the heroes allow Chargebolt and three other students to return with their classmates.[10] Unfortunately, the situation changes completely when Tomura Shigaraki orders Gigantomachia to go where he is, bringing the original members of the League of Villains with him. The giant obeys the orders,[11] and despite the efforts of the Villa Raid Team, he manages to overcome the blockade.

Mt. Lady tries to stop him but she is easily defeated, then Kamui Woods help Midnight to put Gigantomachia to sleep, but they are knocked down by the League's Members.[12] Shortly after, the students of the Back Up team try to get Gigantomachia to swallow a powerful sedative in order to stop him, even Mt. Lady reappears to help them. Although they succeed,[13] they do not succeed in preventing the villain from continuing on his way, resulting in the destruction of several cities before the sedative finally kicks in, taking down Gigantomachia.[14]

Meanwhile, at Gunga Montain Villa, Edgeshot confronts Re-Destro.[12] In the end he manages to defeat him and hundreds of PLF members are arrested.[15]

Tartarus Escapees Arc

After the war, The Lurkers helped assist Deku and the Top 3 Heroes to search for All For One in the Creature Rejection Clan's mansion only for the mansion to explode as All For One had anticipated their arrival.[16] The Lurkers managed to survive the explosion and retreated to a warehouse where they and the Top 3 Heroes discussed the current Hero society, and whether they should consider revealing the truth about One For All to other Heroes.[17]


The Lurkers

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