The Lurkers (ラーカーズ Rākāzu?) are a team of Pro Heroes.


Although the team consists of only three heroes in its ranks, it can be considered quite powerful since its members are very highly-ranked heroes in the Hero Billboard Chart JP; the No. 4 Hero Edgeshot, the No. 7 Hero Kamui Woods and the No. 23 Hero Mt. Lady. This implies that the team is strong and versatile.


The Lurkers team up.

After All Might's retirement, many heroes have formed a team to combat the rise in crime. After the events at Kamino, Edgeshot invites Kamui to team up together, which he accepts. Kamui was so happy that he sobbed for two hours.[1] Later they would invite Mt. Lady to join them. There had been rumors for a while about their team up, before it finally became official, calling themselves "The Lurkers".[2]

The Lurkers carried out several missions, getting both Egdeshot and Kamui being ranked as No. 4 and No. 7 heroes respectively on the Hero Billboard Chart JP. Mt. Lady only got the 23rd place in the standings, which causes her much discomfort. When Kamui Woods has the chance to speak live at the event, he says he'll work hard on Edgeshot's team.[3]

After the Hero Public Safety Commission demand all the students' heroes to undergo practical field training,[4] Denki, Hanta, and Minoru from Class 1-A, and Ibara from Class 1-B join them.[5]


The Lurkers

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