The Fly[1] is a Pro Hero in My Hero Academia.


The Fly is a man with long light blond hair that reaches to his feet, with long bangs that cover the left side of his face. Two long wing-like appendages emerge from his arms. His hero costume consists of a short-sleeved shirt and white shorts, two large armbands on his biceps, and a thin red headband, as well as dark coloured boots.


Not much is known about his personality at this time.


Vs. Hero Killer Arc

The Fly was in Hosu City when the Nomus released by Tomura Shigaraki attack the city. The Fly and other heroes face them but the Nomus are too strong for them despite their numerical superiority.[1] They manage to hold them long enough until Endeavor arrives and defeats the creatures.[2]



Unnamed Fly Quirk: Two long wing-like appendages emerge from his arms.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events

Chapter Appearances

Vs. Hero Killer Arc
45. Time to Pick Some Names Absent
46. Bizzarre! Gran Torino Appears Absent
47. Struggling Absent
48. Getting the Knack Absent
49. Midoriya and Shigaraki Absent
50. Kill 'Em Dead Absent
51. No, Knock it Off, Ida! Debut
52. Hero Killer Stain vs. U.A. Students Absent
53. From Todoroki to Ida Absent
54. Re: Ingenium Absent
55. Conclusion?! Absent
56. Conclusion Absent
57. The Aftermath of Hero Killer Stain Absent
58. Internship's End Absent
59. Listen Up! A Tale From the Past Absent


  • His hero name is only mentioned in the anime.


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