Tenya Ida vs. Mei Hatsume is a battle fought between Hero Course student Tenya Ida and Support Course student Mei Hatsume during the U.A. Sports Festival's Fighting Tournament.


Tenya equips Mei's gadgets.

Present Mic introduces Tenya and Mei to the crowd. Rikido questions Tenya's choice in attire, as Tenya equips some of Mei's gadgets. Midnight warns Tenya that Hero Course students are not allowed to use support gear without the proper paperwork.

Tenya apologizes and explains that Mei offered the equipment to keep the fight fair. He says he wants to honor her integrity and wear the gear. Midnight takes pleasure in his youthful vigor and allows it.[1]


Tenya runs at Mei and she turns on her mic and explains she gave Tenya special leg braces to improve his mobility. Before he gets too close, Mei avoids him with hydraulic attachments from her backpack. Mei uses her Quirk to look at the spectating support courses. Tenya tries to take advantage of her distraction, but she has sensors on her backpack that automatically activate her hydraulic attachments. The Auto Balancers on Tenya's back allow him to keep from falling and easily change his course back towards Mei.

Mei advertises her gadgets while evading Tenya.

Present Mic and Eraser Head are displeased with Mei turning the match into a commercial for her gadgets. She avoids Tenya again and explains the balancers keep him from falling unless he actually wants to. She uses her Electromagnetic Soles to evade his next attack. Tenya tries to attack when she lands, but she uses a Capture Gun to trap Tenya inside a net. Mei turns her attention back to the support companies and introduces herself again.

After introducing a few more gadgets Mei eventually walks out of the ring, having accomplished her goal. Midnight announces that Tenya is the winner since Mei walked out of bounds.[1]


Tenya is upset with Mei for tricking him. She apologizes and explains she needed his help to advertise her equipment. Izuku takes notes on Mei's persistance from the stands.[1]

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the Manga, Tenya and Mei fight lasts only a few panels and only the Auto Balancers and the Hydraulic Bracers are shown. The anime expands the fight, in addition to showing more information about those support items, it also shows more of Mei's inventions like the Capture Gun and the Electromagnetic Soles.


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