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Tenya Ida & Mashirao Ojiro vs. Higari Maijima is a battle fought between Class 1-A students Tenya Ida and Mashirao Ojiro against their teacher, the Pro Hero Power Loader during the practical portion of the First Term Final Exam.


Tenya and Mashirao take their practical exam at a dirt field laced with pitfalls from Power Loader. The ground constantly collapses in front of them as Power Loader digs through the ground. Tenya decides their best course of action would be to escape. Mashirao gets on Tenya's back. He's embarrassed by the way they look during their "fusion".

Tenya activates Recipro Burst and outruns the traps. When the ground in front of him collapses, Tenya leaps over it. Mashirao wraps his tail around Tenya's leg and the latter uses Recipro Extend to send Mashirao at the escape gate. Power Loader cuts Mashirao off and the student keeps him at bay with a swipe of his tail. Mashirao flies through the escape gate and his team passes the practical test.[1]


Mashirao commends the Class President.[1] Power Loader says Mashirao's escape was risky but it put a quick end to the fight. He congratulates them and confirms that they have passed the exam, exempting them from extra classes during the Quirk Training Camp. Tenya falls into one of the holes and only his head is left exposed.[2]

Anime and Manga Differences

In the manga adaptation of this battle, Power Loader explains the rules of the exam to them alone rather than Shota Aizawa doing it along with all the teachers. They were also taking the test at the same time as everyone else instead of going third. They finished just five minutes before the exam ended and the manga only depicted the end of the fight. Mashirao was tired after passing the test and did not say anything to Tenya. Tenya also didn't speak. [3]


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