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Tensei Ida vs. Bat Villain is a chase between Ingenium against Bat Villain.


Tensei and his hero agency, Team Idaten, are dispatched to the Naruhata district highway for reports of a runner-type villain that in his past three appearances caused inflammatory incidents by riding around the loop lane, and after each of his runnings, he disappears through the Naruhata area. He is also a consumer of Trigger.

This time, Team Idaten's PITO1 truck is chasing the running villain, and after having confirmed that there are no civilian vehicles ahead, PITO1 allows Turbo Hero "Ingenium" to chase down the running villain.[1]


The Bat Villain kicks Ingenium.

Tensei Ida leaves the truck in pursuit of the villain, while he orders the running villain to pull over. He is about to catch up him, but the running villain effortlessly eludes Tensei's attempt to subdue him, thanks to his greater range of mobility, for which the villain mockingly states that the Turbo Hero must stake his life on running if he wants to catch him, cackling while sticking out his black-tipped tongue.

The villain kicks Tensei, causing the hero to lose control due to his high speed. The villain escapes while Tensei manages to save himself using the airbag system he installed in his costume, preventing the crash from being fatal. The villain manages to escape and disappears.[1]


After failing to catch the villain, Tensei has a meeting with his team to devise a new plan for the next time.[1]


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