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Tensei Ida & Christopher Skyline vs. Bat Villain is a chase between the Pro-Heroes Ingenium and Captain Celebrity against Bat Villain, now turned into a Next-Level Villain by the Villain Factory.


Number 6 starts his plan.

Captain Celebrity and Tensei are filming a commercial. Captain is not conformable about how he looks in one frame and asks for a reshoot, to what Tensei agrees. Among the shooting crew, Number 6, disguised as a worker, takes out their phone and remotely opens the roof of a truck coming in at high speeds nearby, holding the Bat Villain inside. As the reshoot is about to begin, the truck crashes in and releases the Bat Villain.[1]


Bat Villain chases after Tensei who recognizes him. The Bat Villain glides over Tensei who tries to hold onto him and keep him grounded, however, the Bat Villain was anticipating this and kicks Tensei, causing him to fall to the ground. The Bat Villain goes flying from the place to look for the Naruhata Vigilantes, because he wants to take revenge on them for defeating him last time.

Celebrity Captain pursues the villain.

Thanks to the engine from his elbows, Tensei manages to cushion the fall and does not sustain any serious, and asks Captain Celebrity to chase the villain. The Captain is unable to outstrip the Bat but Tensei tells him to keep the Bat in sight and that they should ask for assistance from the city's Heroes who are capable of flight to set up a trap.

The Bat Villain hears Koichi's singing at Narufest and makes his way towards his location. The Bat villain swoops onto the stage and flies off with Koichi. However, kidnapping Koichi slows him down, and gives Captain Celebrity the chance to finally catch up to him and knocks him out while also saving Koichi from falling to the ground.[1]


Calling him the perfect bait, the Captain says he has finally found a use for Koichi and lands on stage to greet everyone to thunderous applause and the Narufest organizers are relieved that he managed to show up after all.[1]


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