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Listen close, now. Heroes are here to give the gift of hope to folks in trouble. But you wear your stress all over your sleeve... and drag down the people who need saving. You want to be a hero? Then trust in your own power and smile. Until that confidence... Blooms out from within!
His Purple Highness to Shota Aizawa in "Combo"

Tenma Nakaoji ( (なか) (おう) () (てん) () Nakaōji Tenma?)[2] also known as His Purple Highness (ハイネス パープル Hainesu Pāpuru?), is a Pro Hero from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Tenma is an adult man with a slim physique to his overall body structure. He has lengthy, somewhat-messy dark hair, tied in a long ponytail and has long bangs that covers the right side of his face. He has a shortly-trimmed mustache and beard, and a noticeable amount of body hair on his chest.

He sports a two-piece suit with a frilled, open chested jacket with epaulets. On the belt, he wears badges with the letter P on them.


His Purple Highness' flamboyant personality.

His Purple Highness' personality is quite extravagant and flamboyant, with a tendency to exaggerate his reactions too much and certain predilection for overdramatic poses. Besides this, he takes his job of heroics very seriously, with the presentation being of special importance to him. He is quick to recognize that Shota Aizawa is not exactly a people-person and would make for a poor media presence. He is also cognizant of others talents, praising his other interns for their quick-witted thinking and handling of a hostage situation, preferring to prioritize saving and protecting the victims rather than stopping the villain.

He also possesses the spirit of self-sacrifice and of endangering his life to save that of others. This could be seen when the villain Garvey rampaged Tasomiya Ward. Although the villain had defeated other heroes, Mr. Purple decided to face him alone, even though he has no chance to defeat him. He did so in order to buy time and allow civilians to escape.[3]


During the time when Nemuri, Oboro and Shota attended U.A. High School, His Purple Highness was a pro hero. At some point, he decided to choose Nemuri to do her Work-Studies in his Hero Office. Later, and thanks to Nemuri's recommendation, he would also welcome Oboro and Shota as trainees.[4]

In a hostage situation, his trainees try to stop the Robber Villain, but they fail to capture him, having to intervene to protect Shota from the attack of the criminal, who manages to escapes with the money. Despite this, Purple praises Nemuri and Oboro for prioritizing the welfare of the hostages, but criticizes Shota. Shota thinks its because he was not being able to catch the villain, but actually it's because for having a gloomy face. Purple advises him that it is always important to show a smile, even if things are not going well.

Several days later, Oboro and Shota meet the same robber again, and this time they manage to stop him and arrest him. His Purple Highness praises both students for their fabulous team work, considering them a winning combination, although he still believes that Shota needs to practice his smile.[5]

After spending a few days in the U.A. High School to show what they have learned during the first stage of the Hero Work-Studies,[6] Shota, Oboro and Nemuri return with His Purple Highness to continue with the program. They divide into teams of two to patrol the streets, with Tenma and Nemuri teaming up. During the task, they witness a huge villain known as Garvey rampaging the city, and easily defeating the hero team Buster Union.

His Purple Highness orders Midnight to call for backup and help evacuate the area while he faces the villain to buy time. Garvey reach the area where Shota and Oboro are evacuating a group of nursery kids. His Purple Highness appears and attacks the villain while ordering them to put the children safe. Garvey releases attacks he has storage in one of his lumps and uses it against Tenma, throwing him against a building and he ends up badly injured and unconscious.

The attack is so powerful that the building collapses, and Oboro is trapped under the rubble by protecting the lives of the kid, leaving only Shota to face Garvey.[7] Against all odds, he manages to defeat the villain alone. However Purple has to be transferred to the hospital due to the injuries he suffered, and Oboro died after being hit in the head by a debris.[8]


Enhanced Strength: Despite his slim physique, His Purple Highness seems to have quite a lot of strength, being able to throw a safe to a high altitude with a single kick.


Chest Hair ( (むな) () Munage?): Not much is known except that it boosts his manly traits.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events

Chapter Appearances

School Days Arc
59. Rain and Cloud Absent
60. Taking in a Stray Mentioned
61. Two as One Debut
62. Glass Sky Appears
63. Find That Resolve Appears
64. Fight On, Shota Appears
65. A Sky with No Rain Left Absent


  • His favorite things are spaghetti and orange juice.[9]
  • His overall design and Hero name appear to be based on the late pop musician Prince. They also share the same birthday.


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