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Team Purple Revolution was a team composed of Nemuri Kayama, Shota Aizawa, and Oboro Shirakumo while they were still students of U.A., being led by the Pro Hero His Purple Highness.


The team was made up of a Pro Hero and three hero course students from U.A. High School, formed on the occasion of Hero Work-Studies. Students were there to gain experience for when they became professionals, although their leader also tried to instill in them the importance of smiling even when unhappy as a hero to keep the civilians calm.

Their job generally consisted of patrolling the streets, with the occasional confrontation with villains.


In exclusive terms of strength, Team Purple Revolution was not a team that could be considered powerful, since their Quirks are more technical than battle-oriented, and three of them were still students who were still gaining experience.

Still, the students proved to be able to combine efficiently their respective Quirks in order to achieve their goals and defeat villains.


When they were still in their second year at the U.A. neither Shota nor Oboro were assigned to a Hero Office to improve as heroes. Knowing that both are not yet assigned to an agency, the third year student Nemuri informs them that if they are looking to do work studies, her boss, His Purple Highness, is willing to take on anyone.[1]

Both accepted Nemuri's invitation, and they start working at the Purple Revolution Agency, under the orders of Purple Highness, forming the Team Purple Revolution. His first job was to stop Robber Villain. Although the criminal managed to escape the first time, Shota and Oboro managed to capture him the second time.[2]

After spending a few days in the U.A. High School, to show what they have learned during the first stage of the Hero Work-Studies,[3] the students return with His Purple Highness to continue with the Work-Studies. While patrolling the streets, they encounter a huge villain known as Garvey, who was causing great destruction in the city and who had easily defeated the hero team Buster Union when they tried to stop him.

Mr. Purple orders his trainees to call for backup and help evacuate the area while he faces the villain to buy time. However he is also easily defeated, and during the fight, Garvey's attacks damage a building that begins to collapse over a bunch of school kids. Oboro uses his Quirk and manages to save them, but he can't protect himself and ends up completely crushed by the rumble, leaving only Shota to face it.[4]

With his combat skills and a bit of luck, Shota manages to defeat Garvey alone. After the fight, the authorities arrive to arrest the villain, and doctors to treat the wounded. Mr. Purple survived but has to be sent to the hospital due to the severity of his injuries. However, Oboro was not so lucky. When the debris is removed, they find out that he died from the collapse. His death has a devastating effect on his companions, but especially on Shota.[5]


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Battles & Events


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