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Team Idaten & Naruhata Vigilantes vs. Bat Villain is a chase between Team Idaten against Bat Villain. Later, Naruhata Vigilantes join to help Ingenium.


After failing the last time in trying to catch the running villain, Tensei and his team have a meeting to devise a new plan with which to catch the villain. Tensei made the decision earlier to sacrifice all the safety measures of his suit (much to his team's disapproval), in order to shed as much weight as possible and match the villain in his mobility.

Tensei and his team devise a strategy in which Tensei would lure the villain into a dead-end strip of the highway, with the rest of Team Idaten ready to apprehend the villain when he falls into their trap.[1]


Race death end.

That evening, Tensei is chasing after the running villain again, who notes that Tensei seems to be making sharper movements. The villain believes he has successfully convinced Tensei to foolishly risk his life to keep up with him, but Tensei makes clear that he did not merely endanger himself to keep pace; instead, he is trusting that his team will keep him safe.

The running villain sees a safety blockade formed by the other members of Team Idaten. Tensei crashes into the safety blockade, while the villain seems to stop. However, he surprises everyone when he avoids the trap entirely when he reveals he has bat wings and the ability of flight. The villain then escapes from the highway and takes to an old part of the Higashi-Naruhata district. For Tensei, that revelation explains how the running villain managed to disappear every night.

Koichi trips the Bat Villain.

Idaten's Team Two rushes to confront the villain's target location. One of the flying Heroes of Team Idaten tries netting the villain, but the villain evades his effort. The villain lands on the ground and manages to elude each of his pursuers, losing himself in the back streets of Nahurata. Tensei is rushing to the villain's location, but remarks the difficulty of the operation due the intricate streets hinder his running, and the villain's ability to use the darkness of the area to his advantage, thanks to his Bat Quirk.

As the villain starts boasting about his speed, The Crawler slides out of an alley, tripping the villain, and Knuckleduster punches the villain in the face, knocking him unconscious.[1]


Tensei and his team unexpectedly find the villain beaten and subdued, and wonders who defeated the running villain. On the rooftop, Tensei and his teammates see The Crawler, Knuckleduster, and Pop☆Step. The Crawler claims that being used to the old district's layout makes it easy to determine the villain's likely escape route. Seeing that their job is done, the Vigilantes retreat. A Hero of Team Idaten asks Tensei if they should chase after them. However, Tensei decides to call it a night.[1]


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