Team Idaten is a Hero Agency run by Tensei Ida.


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Team Idaten, led by Tensei Ida, is a hero agency characterized by emphasizing teamwork. Its policy is gather the people with Quirks with a single strong point, and deploy the right people in the right places, then take on villans with perfect teamwork and coordination.

For that reason, Team Idaten is formed by dozens of sidekicks who work together. The agency highly values not only those on the front lines, but also patrollers, navigators, and all of the other support staff working for us behind the scenes.[1]


My Hero Academia: Vigilantes

Vigilantes Beginnings Arc

The first time Team Idaten is seen in action is when Ingenium tries to catch Bat Villain. After the villain escaped the first time, Ingenium retires to discuss with his team members a new strategy to capture him. Tensei and his team devise a strategy in which Tensei would lure the villain into a dead-end strip of the highway, with the rest of Team Idaten ready to apprehend the villain when he falls into their trap.

Team Idaten ambushes Bat Villain.

The next day, Ingenium chases Bat Villain again, but this time the rest of the Team Idaten participates by blocking the road on which he is fleeing. To his surprise, it is revealed that Bat Villain is not only a runner but also has wings, and flys away from there. Tensei's sidekicks try to capture him, but the villain dodges everyone and sneaks through the alleys of Naruhata. All in all, the villain does not get to far, as he is defeated and captured by the Naruhata Vigilantes, who tie him up and hand him over to the Team Idaten for his imprisonment.[2]

Days later, Enigma, the new team member, travels to Tokyo to visit Ingenium's office but she gets lost in Naruhata so she uses her Quirk to peer over the city, scaring the passers-by with her appearance, who mistake her for a villain. They are attacked by the guards, but after clarifying the situation, they apologize for the misunderstanding. As an apology, Koichi offers to carry her to Ingenium Hero Office.[3]

Vs. Queen Bee Arc

Enigma uses her Quirk to rescue passengers.

The Villain Kuin Hachisuka injects Trigger into a cat with a Quirk, causing him to merge with a bus full of people and goes out of control. On that bus was Koichi, along with his mother Shoko and Makoto. Ingenium is the first to arrive, tearing off the bus door and reassuring the passengers.

Then, the rest of the Idaten team arrives with a truck to rescue them, and Enigma grabs the passengers with her Quirk and puts them in the other vehicle. The actions of the Kuin causes the Cat-Bus to attack the truck, damaging it and leaving it incapacitated to continue the rescue operation, when Makoto is still on the bus.[4] Fortunately, Ingenium and The Crawler manage to rescue her.[5]

Sky Egg Arc

Team Idaten helps the heroes during the bombing.

Months later, Ida is invited to participate in Captain Celebrity's farewell party at Tokyo Sky Egg, and he decides to bring his whole team with him[6] to participates in Ingenium's acrobatics shows[7]. When the building is attacked by Bombers, Ingenium splits his team to help the heroes during the attack, either by assisting them in the fight against the villains or to keep the spectators calm and avoid panic.[8]

My Hero Academia

U.S.J. Arc

Team Idaten is mentioned by Tenya Ida, who mentions that Tensei Ida has dozens of sidekicks working alongside him on the team.


Team Idaten

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