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The Team-Up Missions, or T.U.M. for short, is a program designed specifically for educational institutions in which students from different schools collaborate with Hero Offices on missions to maintain order and peace on the streets.[1]


All Might was able to deter crimes for a long time as the "symbol of peace", but with his retirement after his fight against All For One, the Hero Public Safety Commission expected that villain crimes will grow even worse.

To fight this threat, the commission introduced the Team Up Missions, a new program focused on students created specifically to raise the next generation of heroes. This new program for schools and Pro Heroes around the country aims to increase the level of teamwork and communication between heroes.

The program consists of those students who have already obtained their Provisional Hero License to collaborate and help heroes on missions to fight crimes and help people.[1]

Known Team Up Missions

My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions


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