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Tatooin Station ( () (とう) (いん) Tatōin Eki?) is a location found in Musutafu, Japan.


Tatooin Station is a bullet train station located on an overpass that crosses over a street. Billboards and television screens are prominent around the station, with many of its ads featuring heroes.

After the attack of the Giant Villain, the station suffered high structural damage, with some of it also being caused by Mt. Lady.


The station was first seen being attacked by the Giant Villain. This event led to several heroes, such as Kamui Woods, Death Arms and Backdraft being summoned to the scene in order to capture the villain and minimize collateral damage.

Before Kamui Woods could manage to restrain the humongous villain with his ability, Mount Lady performed a surprise attack on the criminal, which caused part of the station to crumble down. The local police arrested the villain as Mt. Lady waved to the public.


  • The name of this station is a clear reference to the planet of Tatooine, a fictional desert planet that is featured in several movies and works of the Star Wars franchise, being the homeworld of two of its most recognizable characters, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

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