The Targets, or Weak Points, are disk-shaped devices that are delivered to the participants for the first phase of the Provisional Hero License Exam.


Each examinee receives three Targets that they may place on any part of his or her body, so long as they are always open and visible, eliminating areas such as the soles of the feet or under the armpits. Once mounted, they can only be removed with a special-made magnetic key.[1]

Along with these devices, the participants carry six orange balls. The Targets are built to respond only to contact with the balls, and send information about who passes and who fails, because they recognize the balls and can tell who hit whom based on distance, movement and other factors. A Target lights up red if it is hit by one of the balls. If all three Targets are hit, that student is eliminated. The competitor that lights up another student's third target is credited with their eliminations.[1]

When a participant fulfills the conditions of victory (by eliminating two other competitors), their Targets light up blue and one of them tells the participant to come to the waiting room.[2]


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