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The Takoba National Stadium (国立 () () () 競技場 Kokuritsu Takoba Kyōgijō?) is one of the locations where the yearly exam for the Provisional Hero License takes place.[1]

It's the main setting for the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc.


The Takoba National Stadium is a modern building. It is large enough to accommodate several hero students, as well as various environmental settings for simulation purposes.

The first phase of the exam features forests, mountains, bridges and even aquatic environments. When the second phase starts, those settings are destroyed through explosives, simulating a disastrous event. Members of the Help Us Company then scatter themselves through the various debris, pretending to be victims.

The stadium appears to house two foldable rooms within it. The first is used for the exam organizers to introduce themselves and explain the rules of the exam, whereas the second works as a resting area for participants. When the exam phases start, both rooms open up, allowing the applicants to leave and scatter around the stadium.




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