Takoba Municipal Beach Park (多古場海浜公園 Tako-ba kaihin kōen?)[1] is a beach park located in Musutafu, Japan.


The Takoba Municipal Beach Park is located on the coastline. Rampant pollution had turned what once was a beautiful public spot into a junkyard. With the trash moved out of the way, the beach became accessible to the public once again.

The beach park appears to have a pier with a small gazebo where people can hang out.


The Takoba Municipal Beach Park had accumulated trash coming from the sea for years, turning it from a beautiful beach spot into a trash heap.

Izuku training in the Takoba Park.

All Might chose a spot where he could train Izuku Midoriya, so that his body could become a vessel for his Quirk.[1] All Might had planned a goal for Izuku to clean the park before the U.A. Entrance Exam started in 10 months, in order for the boy to inherit One For All.

As Izuku built up his strength, the trash slowly vanished from the beach through those 10 months, with Izuku managing to clear All Might's goal just in time for the exam to start. An unspecified newspaper then announced the cleaning of the park, causing it to become a popular dating spot.[2]


  • Takoba could be a Star Wars reference to the planet Dagobah, where Yoda trained Luke Skywalker, who was told to go there by Obi Wan, to become a Jedi. This is appropriate, given the training All Might gives Izuku to help him become a hero.


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