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I had to unleash my Quirk before it destroyed me...! What do you think? Does that make me a villain...!?
Takeshi Bushijima in Start and Renew

Takeshi Bushijima is a character from My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions.


Takeshi is a young man who appears to be in his early-mid teens. He has short, scruffy hair, small eyebrows, and soft facial features. Because he had not released his Quirk for years, he looked pale and sickly due to the poisonous gas that accumulated in his body, but once he released it, he presented a healthier appearance.

He wears a hoodie and mask that conceal his face.


Takeshi is a kind and considerate boy. He envies Heroes because they can use their Quirks freely, although this feeling is due Takeshi's need to use his uncontrollable Quirk to avoid damaging his body rather than genuine resentment.

Takeshi wants, above all, not to endanger other people due to his peculiarity. Therefore, he has not released the poisonous gas that builds up inside him for years, and when he had no choice, he specifically tries to release his poison in areas with few people.

Though his criminality lies more within his negligence, as he felt compelled to deal with his dangerous situation alone. When Deku offered to help when he noticed he was ill, Takeshi lied that nothing was wrong.


My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions

For years, Takeshi tried to suppress his dangerous Quirk, Poison Gas, since it was prohibited to use Quirks to inflict harm, intentionally or not. This resulted in him being forced to store his poisons within himself, taking a detrimental effect on his health.

Takeshi's Poison Gas.

One day, he came across Mirko and her team of U.A. students. Takeshi bumped into Izuku, asking him if he is a hero. Izuku replies that he is a student who is working as a hero. Takeshi snidely remarks on how Izuku can use his Quirk freely, then starts to cough. Izuku asks if he is okay, but Takeshi tells him to stay away from him before quickly leaving.

Panicked and tormented, Takeshi rushes to an empty alleyway, having no choice but to release his poisonous gas, which forms a large cloud that incapacitates several people. He is reported on the news, while Deku remembers him as the hooded man that he met earlier. Mirko and her team then pursue him, while Uravity floats up to find him running to the other side of town. Takeshi yells at the Heroes to stay away. Katsuki believes that the masked man is trying to free his Quirk, knowing that his expression resembles envy towards people with successful Quirks. Takeshi notices that there are too many people at the end of the alleyway, so he runs off to another path.

Deku and Takeshi.

The Heroes catch up to him and proceed to attack, except for Deku, who stops them. Katsuki asks him why he's helping a villain, but Izuku believes that Takeshi is not malicious and knows that he's unable to control his poisonous gas. Takeshi says that it's true, and says that if he doesn't release his Quirk, he will suffer from its negative effects, but has no choice but to suppress it since according to the system, people with dangerous Quirks would be labelled villains. He asks the Heroes if having no choice to unleash a Quirk dangerous to himself makes him a villain.

Deku sympathizes with him, and wishes to save him. Suddenly, Katsuki has an idea to get Takeshi to release his gas safely. Mirko is confused why he would help someone she considers a villain, but Deku says that Katsuki wouldn't take such a huge risk unless he has a plan, then Uravity says she trusts him as they're all on the same team. After seeing the students' confidence, Mirko is persuaded and listens to their plan. Takeshi has doubts due to his gas causing harm to the people nearby, but Katsuki begins to berate him. Deku manages to convince him by telling him to trust them with a heroic smile.

Katsuki tells Uravity to levitate himself and Takeshi into the air using her Zero Gravity Quirk, before telling him to let out his gas. Takeshi remembers Deku's reassuring words and releases all of his gas into the sky. Katsuki uses his Explosion Quirk to ignite all of the gas and create a cloud of explosions in the sky, while Deku tells him that a Hero's job isn't to beat villains, but to save people who are in trouble. After all of the gas has been released, Takeshi cries tears of happiness and thanks the team of Heroes for showing him mercy, hugging Katsuki (to the latter's displeasure).

Mirko and her team report what happened to the police, but Takeshi is still arrested due to the harm caused by his Quirk. Fortunately, many citizens sympathized with him after seeing the truth behind the situation on the news, and signed a petition to lighten Takeshi's sentence.[1]



Poison Gas: Takeshi's Quirk allows him to generate a fog of toxic gas that makes people sick when they breathe it in. The gas is constantly produced and he can't stop it, although he can keep it stored in his body. However, he has to eventually release the stored gas or it will start to negatively affect his health.

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