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Tail ( (しっ) () Shippo?) is the Quirk used by Mashirao Ojiro.


Tail grants the user a prehensile appendage that extends from their lower posterior.

Mashirao's tail is very bulky, being longer and wider than any of his regular human limbs. Its tip contains a tuft of blonde hair, reflecting Mashirao's normal hair color.

Tail effectively functions as a third limb. It's strong enough to break objects made of metal, capture enemies and support Mashirao's own weight.

As part of his training, Mashirao continuously used his tail to attack a body-hardened Eijiro Kirishima, and with each hit, the strength and durability of Mashirao's Tail increased.


Tail, like any other part of Mashirao's body, is susceptible to damage. And being a permanent mutation, Tail makes it difficult for Mashirao to lie down or sit.[1] He also requires tailor-made clothing in order to accommodate his particular anatomy.


Mashirao combines Tail with his knowledge of martial arts to engage enemies in close-range combat, performing fast and acrobatic moves. His tail is used both for direct attacks or to assist his movements in battle. Ectoplasm once noted that Mashirao fights predictably, as tailed humans like him tend to move in a pattern.

Tail is a vital part of Mashirao's speed and mobility, as he can boost himself up by slapping his tail on the ground with force, giving him a method to bypass obstacles on the floor. Mashirao is also able to stay suspended from thin structures like pipes and poles by wrapping his tail around them.

Super Moves

Tornado Tail Dance.gif Tornado Tail Dance ( () (くう) (せん) () Bikū Senbu?): Mashirao spins in mid-air, hitting anything around him with his tail. First used against Pony Tsunotori to destroy her remote-controlled horns during the Joint Training Battle.[2]
Swamp Smack Spin.gif Swamp Smack Spin ( () () (うち) (せん) (ぷう) Biken Nutauchi Senpū?): A defensive technique where Mashirao spins horizontally with his tail stretched out, generating enough force to repel anything close to him. First used against Juzo Honenuki in order to escape his Softening Quirk.[3]


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