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This article is about the villain from My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. For the Quirk used by the Serpenters, see Sword Kill.

Swordkil (ソキル Sokiru?) is one of Wolfram's minions in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.


Swordkil is a middle-aged man with lightly tanned skin, thin honey brown eyes and a long face. He has shoulder-length hair of a desaturated pink-like color that flares outwards to the sides, with shorter bangs between and to the sides of his eyes. He also has curved, linear markings under his eyes and down his cheek which are a dark shade of purplish-pink.

Like the rest of Wolfram's minions, Swordkil dresses in a black combat suit, complete with a full-face mask, a paler X-shaped design patterning it over his face.



Swordkil appears to be a dedicated mercenary who is loyal to Wolfram. He takes no prisoners, is quick to threaten and hates people who "play hero". He is very arrogant and doesn't like to be looked down upon. Swordkil doesn't appreciate taking orders from anyone other than Wolfram but is quick to boss around the other minions.

Swordkil's arrogance resulted in his downfall, as shown when he took a moment to brag to Melissa Shield that left him open to being defeated by Izuku Midoriya.[1]


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

Swordkil is present alongside all of Wolfram's men when they sneak into I-Island. After setting their plan into motion, Swordkil and the others restrain the security guards and take over the Central Tower control room. They follow Wolfram's orders and turn I-Island's security on its citizens, tourists, and Pro Heroes.

Swordkil threatens David.

After disrupting the I-Expo Reception Party, Swordkil escorts David Shield and his assistant, Samuel Abraham to the control room. Swordkil activates his Quirk and turns his blade to David's neck. He tells the professor to hurry up and retrieve the item. Soon after, Wolfram's group learns there is a group of students ascending the tower.

Wolfram and his men take several countermeasures against the students but they continue to scale the tower. Swordkil and another one of the minions monitor the students' progress through the tower. Once Izuku and Melissa reach the top floor, Wolfram orders Swordkil to take them out.

Swordkil ambushes Izuku and knocks him off the edge of the building. Melissa stops the villain from killing Izuku but he smacks her away. He takes a moment to brag, giving Izuku enough time to land a powerful blow to knock Swordkil out. [1]


Overall Abilities: Swordkil's abilities are largely unknown, however Wolfram willingly entrusted him to be his second in command and right hand granting Swordkil authority over other crew members. This can be shown by how Swordkil acts as the director of the crew relaying orders from Wolfram and eventually taking over command of the mercenaries to stage a counter offensive against the U.A students. The only individual more important is the unnamed goggle wearing hacker who acts as Wolframs Aide, due to the characters sole contribution to hacking I-Island security and being the only crew member other than the pilot prioritized for the escape helicopter.

  • Tactical Intellect: As the second in command of Wolfram's crew Swordkil has shown to be a fairly sharp individual, being able to efficiently organize other minions and create effective plans in a short time frame. His tactical skill is best shown by his successfully staged ambush against Izuku, sending the U.A student off a cliff. His failings come in the form of his arrogance and lack of leadership skills that leave him vulnerable against groups especially when distracted.
  • Dual Sword Proficiency: Swordkil is proficient at dual wielding the swords created by his Quirk, being able to use them with an efficiency that would be able to contend with the average pro hero. Swordkil's proficiency and skill with his blades could only go so far as they were quickly outclassed by the power, that came from Izuku's higher percentages of One For All that were only accessible through the full gauntlet at the time.


Swordkil using his Quirk against Izuku.

Unnamed Sword Quirk: Swordkil's Quirk grants him the ability to cover his forearms in collapsible, cone-shaped blades. When activated, Swordkil's power can cover his arms instantly, allowing him to arm himself at a moments notice.[1]

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  • Swordkil's appearance, hairstyle, facial features and sword related abilities might be a reference to the character of Kisuke Urahara from Bleach.
  • Swordkil's English voice actor, Adam Gibbs, also voices Natsuo Todoroki.


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