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Super Regeneration ( (ちょう) (さい) (せい) Chōsaisei?), sometimes referred to as Hyper-Regeneration or simply Regeneration ( (さい) (せい) Saisei?),[1] is the Quirk used by Upper-Tier Nomu, such as the U.S.J. Nomu and the Eyeless Hosu Nomu, High-End Nomu, such as Hood and Woman, the Near High-Ends, Tomura Shigaraki, Number 6, and the Multi-Armed Bomber. All For One had stolen the Quirk from an unknown person.


Super Regeneration has the ability to regenerate any sort of injuries on the user's body, such as missing limbs, at incredible speeds.[2]

Number 6 and the Multi-Armed Bomber both utilize Regeneration in conjunction with their Self-Detonation Quirks, as a way to easily grow back any limbs that were intentionally detonated, allowing them to repeat the process. Number 6 uses it to easily survive attacks like getting shot or burned, and heal to become good as new. His Quirk, Overclock, is also used to speed up the regeneration process to make it even faster.

The Nomu and Tomura use their Super Regeneration to completely recover from any deadly attack, with the former being demonstrated by having their muscle fibres completely regrown in the section that was destroyed. For Tomura, the wounds on his body would stitch up almost instantly, allowing him to make it through a fire storm with little effort.


The drawbacks of Super Regeneration have been displayed by different users.

All For One once stole this Quirk in the past and tried to use it to heal himself from the heavy damage he sustained from his first battle with All Might, but the Super Regeneration Quirk had little to no effect because his body had already cauterized those injuries.[3] This implies that Super Regeneration can't heal injuries that are already in a state of regeneration.

When the U.S.J. Nomu was defeated by All Might, Katsuki Bakugo surmised that the Symbol of Peace punched Nomu faster than it could regenerate.

During the Hosu Incident, Endeavor engaged the Eyeless Nomu, and after witnessing its ability to regenerate, the Flame Hero cauterized the wound before it could completely heal itself, rendering the Super Regeneration Quirk ineffective.[4] Similarly, Endeavor used his Super Move, Prominence Burn, against Hood in order to overwhelm the High-End Nomu's regenerative abilities, before Hood self-decapitated itself so it can reconstitute a new body.[5]

While Tomura could utilize Super Regeneration to restore his body from heavy amounts of damage, the speed and effectiveness of this Quirk would be hindered thanks to Tomura's surgery being interrupted before completion.[6] Also, similar to All For One, Tomura could not use this Quirk to restore the missing fingers on his left hand.

Tomura's Decay Quirk can also bypass the Super Regeneration Quirk by destroying the user's body entirely, preventing them from regenerating, as seen when some of the High-End Nomu were killed by Tomura when he awakened.[7]



  • In both the original and Vigilantes series, Super Regeneration is the Quirk that has the most users besides One For All.


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