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Super Regeneration ( (ちょう) (さい) (せい) Chōsaisei?), sometimes referred to as Hyper-Regeneration or simply Regeneration ( (さい) (せい) Saisei?),[2] is the Quirk used by Upper-Tier Nomu, such as the U.S.J. Nomu and the Eyeless Hosu Nomu, High-End Nomu, such as Hood and Woman, the Near High-Ends, Tomura Shigaraki, Number 6, and the Multi-Armed Bomber. All For One had stolen the Quirk from an unknown person.


Super Regeneration has the ability to regenerate any sort of injuries on the user's body, such as missing limbs, at incredible speeds.[3]

It is considered an incredibly rare and dangerous Quirk, thanks to its capabilities of making any of its users near invincible, able to recover from nearly any attack.


Despite the amount of inherent power Super Regeneration possesses, it has some drawbacks that have been displayed by several users.

The Quirk can not heal injuries that have already been cauterized by the time the Quirk is received or activated.[4]

The Regeneration can also become null if the user is beaten by their opponent faster than they can regenerate, whether that's through punches, fire, or disintegration. Also, if the user's body is not properly prepared, the regeneration process can also become a lot slower.


All For One

Super Regeneration can't heal All For One's injuries.

All For One once stole this Quirk in the past and tried to use it to heal himself from the heavy damage he sustained from his first battle with All Might, but the Super Regeneration Quirk had little to no effect because his body had already cauterized those injuries.[4]

All For One has since transferred this Quirk to someone else.[1]

Multi-Armed Bomber

The Multi-Armed Bomber can regrow its limbs.

The Multi-Armed Bomber possesses a version of Regeneration, that when used in conjunction with its Self-Detonation Quirk, allows itself to quickly re-grow its arms whenever they are blown up. The Bomber uses this during the Sky Egg Bombing to constantly barrage Captain Celebrity with a flurry of up to six-explosive punches at a time, nearly knocking him unconscious.

Number 6

Number 6 uses Overclock to speed up the Regeneration.

Number 6 uses his Regeneration in a very similar way to the Multi-Armed Bomber, being able to fill up one of his limbs with bombs, and detonate it on command, before swiftly regenerating the limbs back to normal, and repeating the process. Number 6 also uses it to easily survive attacks like getting shot or burned, and heal himself. His Quirk, Overclock, is also used to speed up the regeneration process to make it even faster.

U.S.J. Nomu

The U.S.J. Nomu was created with the purpose of being able to match All Might in terms of power and strength. This was accomplished through the sheer raw power it was imbued with, but also its two Quirks, Shock Absorption, allowing it to absorb and blow back any attacks dealt to it, and Super Regeneration to heal any deadly injuries. He displays the regenerative process after Shoto Todoroki's ice shatters, and he simply re-grows the muscles and limbs back. Despite this, All Might still managed to defeat him, which Katsuki Bakugo surmised was because the Symbol of Peace had punched the Nomu faster than it could regenerate.

Eyeless Hosu Nomu

Endeavor overpowers the Nomu's regeneration.

During the Hosu Incident, Endeavor engaged the Eyeless Nomu, and after witnessing its ability to regenerate, the Flame Hero cauterized the wound before it could completely heal itself, rendering the Super Regeneration Quirk ineffective.[5]


Hood uses Super Regeneration.

Hood uses Super Regeneration, in conjunction with his numerous amount of Quirks, to stand as the ultimate unbeatable threat. Every attack that Endeavor threw at him, he would simply grow back like nothing. Similar to his fight with the Eyeless Nomu, Endeavor used Prominence Burn, in order to overwhelm his regenerative abilities, before Hood self-decapitated itself so it can reconstitute a new body.[6] Eventually, he was able to overpower it and knock him out before he could fully grow back.

The High-Ends

Each of the High-Ends and Near High-End Nomu awakened during the Paranormal Liberation War are imbued with a Super Regeneration Quirk. This is the primary driving force behind making them the perfect soldiers, allowing them to take an endless amount of beatings and still continue to fight. However, they were still shown to be somewhat vulnerable, as Mirko was able to kill Robot by smashing its head, and later after Tomura's awakening, his Decay disintegrated all the remaining active High-Ends on the battlefield alongside the Hospital.[7]

Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura's incomplete body results in a delayed Regeneration.

Tomura has demonstrated some of the most effective use of Super Regeneration, completely recovering from any deadly attack thrown at him, with his wounds on his body stitching up almost instantly, allowing him to make it through something like a fire storm with little effort. Despite this, due to Tomura's process of receiving All For One being incomplete, his body could not handle all the power, so the speed and effectiveness of his regeneration was hindered, making him vulnerable to a more deadly assault.[8]


  • In both the original and Vigilantes series, Super Regeneration is the Quirk that has the most users besides One For All.


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