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Suicide Bomber is a villain of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Suicide Bomber is a person with a big constitution. He is characterized by the fact that its head looks like a cartoon bomb: a spherical black object about the size of a ball with a fuse sticking out of it. He has big eyes and a big mouth, but he has neither nose nor apparently ears, and on his forehead he has written the words "Suicide Bomber". Likewise, the fingers of his hands are in the form of dynamite cartridges

Suicide Bomber wears a sweater, jeans, boots and a long blue-collar worker outfit. Because he intended to blow himself up at the police station, he has a belt full of dynamite cartridges and bomb packages in his chest.


When he appears for the first time, Suicide Bomber seems to be a man totally out of his mind and with clear suicidal intentions, willing to blow himself up and take with him a large number of police officers. Not even the presence of some of the best heroes is enough to make him dissuade his intentions. Apparently, the great hatred he feels towards the police is due that many of them looking down on him.


Suicide Bomber breaks into the Police Station and plans to blow up the building with everyone inside. Unbeknownst to him, there were several heroes in the building, who had come to attend a meeting, although their presence did not intimidate him and he continued with his intentions to blow himself up. Endeavor quickly engulfs himself in flames in preparations to burn him into ashes but Midnight realizes that doing so would still cause him to explode. Eraser Head quickly moves the suicide bomber out of Endeavor's attack right into Midnight's arms. She quickly uses her Quirk to subdue the bomber.[1]



Suicide Bomb: Nothing is known about the exact functions of this Quirk. However, as its name suggests, this Quirk allows him to blow himself up, creating a huge explosion that destroy his surroundings. It is also implied that this Quirk can kill its own user.


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