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This article is about Rikido Sato's Quirk. For his Ultimate Move of the same name, see Sugar Rush.

Sugar Rush (シュガードープ Shugā Dōpu?) is the Quirk used by Rikido Sato.


Rikido eating various sweets in order to power up.

Sugar Rush allows the user to multiply their strength five-fold for three minutes for every ten grams of sugar they ingest.

Rikido must consume the required sugar quantities for his Quirk to be activated in the first place. This can be achieved by eating any food items that carry enough sugar content, such as most sweets, soft drinks or even raw, granulated sugar. Once this condition is met, Rikido is able to convert the absorbed sugar into raw strength, with his body slightly bulking up as a result.


When his Quirk converts sugar into strength, Rikido suffers from hypoglycemia, which in the process causes lowered cognitive functions, decreased intelligence, and lethargy.[1] Without a source of sugar, Rikido can't activate his Quirk.


Rikido is a straightforward fighter who takes advantage of the temporarily augmented physical might granted by Sugar Rush to punch his way through obstacles and enemies.

As part of his Quirk training, Rikido has developed remarkable skills in baking confectioneries, and is implied to use said confections as a way to acquire sugar for his hero activities. In addition, Rikido engaged in weightlifting while consuming large amounts of sweets in order to increase the amount of augmented physical strength granted by his Quirk.

Rikido's costume comes with a belt equipped with pockets that hold small containers of granulated sugar, which he can take out to ingest the contents inside. This gives Rikido a quick method to empower himself.

Ultimate Moves

Rikido saves Katsuki.gif Sugar Rush (シュガー ラッシュ Shugā Rasshu?):[2] Rikido consumes sugar to increase his power and unleashes a flurry of punches.[1]


  • Sugar Rush's Japanese name, Sugar Dope, is a play on the Quirk's effects: increased performance and reduced mental capacity.


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