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Stress Output Burden (ストレスアウトプット () () (カイ) Sutoresu Autoputto Fukakai?) is a Super Move performed by Rikiya Yotsubashi using his Stress Meta Ability.


After pushing his stress enhancements to 80%, Re-Destro extracts his own stress, makes it corporeal and blasts it over a wide range. The attack creates a large black wave that sends the target flying away with a powerful flash and he claims it cannot be evaded.[1]

Re-Destro calls this skill the pinnacle of his Meta Ability that he had to hone since childhood. The waves become even more powerful when he boosts his Stress to its 100% limit and he can fire off two at a time.[2]

Re-Destro first used this technique to combat Tomura Shigaraki.[3]


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