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Springlike Limbs ( (きん) (こつ) () () () Kinkotsu Bane-ka?) is a stolen Quirk possessed by All For One and Tomura Shigaraki.


Springlike Limbs allows the user to store and release force by coiling their muscles, akin to a coil spring.

When All For One activates this Quirk, it seemingly releases black lightning sparks with red outlines around his arm.


All For One primarily employs Springlike Limbs in combination with several others in order to augment the power of his Air Cannon Quirk.[2] Despite that, Springlike Limbs can be used solely by itself in combat, allowing All For One to launch someone away in close range.

"Tomura" later uses Springlike Limbs as a way to launch himself through the air.[1]


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