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Spotted Seal (ゴマフアザラシ Gomafuazarashi?) is the Quirk used by Selkie.


Selkie uses his echolocation.

Spotted Seal is the summation of Selkie's many spotted seal-related abilities. He can do anything a regular spotted seal can do, even on land.

Spotted Seal grants its user enhanced strength and agility on land. It also grants them increased swimming speed and the ability hold their breath for prolonged periods of time and to dive as deep as fifteen hundred meters, as well as the ability to use echolocation underwater.


As the famous Sea Rescue Hero, Selkie is known for using his Quirk on water-related missions. He uses his incredible swimming ability and echolocation to search wide areas for threats. His enhanced strength can be used to overwhelm villains in a fight.[1]

Selkie also uses his high pitched sound waves to send messages to his sidekick, Sirius, who has a Quirk that enhances her hearing.

Named Ultimate Moves

Selkie Punch.gif Selkie Punch (セルキーパンチ Serukī Panchi?): Selkie delivers a powerful punch to his opponent's face using strength provided by his Quirk. This Ultimate Move was first seen used against a Trigger smuggler.[2]

External links

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