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The Sports Festival Stadium is the stadium where the U.A. Sports Festival takes place. It's located inside the U.A. High School campus.


The stadium is an oval-shaped, open building that features a stand with three floors and several screens for the festival.

The arena of the stadium itself consists of a circular space with a flat square of concrete in the center, surrounded by grass. It also has many gates that lead in and out of the field.

During the fighting tournament, a concrete platform is built by Cementoss in the middle of the field, with torches located in each of the platform's corners and a concrete throne from where Cementoss observes the fights during the festival.

The stadium also features a branch nurse's office, as well as waiting rooms for the participants.


Before Quirks, the "Olympics" was popular worldwide, but when the population shrunk, the "Olympics" declined. This led to the rise of the Sports Festival, and the stadium was built to host it.[1]

The stadium was used as the main setting of the U.A. Sports Festival Arc, where the U.A. students competed against each other in three sports events: obstacle race, cavalry battle, and 1-on-1 fight tournament.


  • In the anime, one can find several easter eggs functioning as advertisements around the stadium:
    • One advertisement features the real-life anime studio Madhouse.
    • Another advertisement features All Might.
    • One of the advertisements features a fictional shampoo brand Shirido, which sponsors Mt. Lady in the back cover of Volume 1.[2]
  • The U.A. Sports Festival Stadium resembles a scaled-back version of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics main stadium.


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