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Somnambulist ( (ねむ) () Nemuriga?) was the Quirk used by Nemuri Kayama.


Somnambulist allowed Nemuri to put targets to sleep by exuding a sleep-inducing aroma from her skin.

Somnambulist was described as being more effective on males than on females, giving Nemuri an obvious advantage against men.[1] Regardless of that, anyone who breathed in enough of the aroma would eventually fall into a deep slumber, which would make it difficult for opponents to confront Nemuri at close range.

It is possible to avoid the effects of Somnambulist simply by not breathing in the aroma.

In the anime, the mist that represents the Quirk's aroma is colored violet.


Somnambulist makes Nemuri an efficient referee for competitions, as she was able to prevent dangerous plays by just putting the violating contestants to sleep.

For legal reasons, Nemuri was forced to wear a bodysuit to counter her provocative costume, which could hinder the effectiveness of her Quirk, as she must rip it off first to release her aroma. She stated as much in an interview where she said she is trying different thin materials in her costume that she can tear away easily to release her fragrance.


  • Somnambulist's Japanese name literally translates to "sleep fragrance" (眠り香 nemuriga?).
  • A somnambulist is a sleepwalker.
  • This Quirk works similarly to Gas. Unlike Gas, however, Somnambulist doesn't have toxic properties, has no direct effect on the user, and isn't potent enough to put someone into a coma.


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