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Soga Kugisaki vs Controlled Girl is a battle between Soga Kugisaki and a girl who is under Kuin Hachisuka's control thanks to her Queen Bee Quirk.[1]


After the confrontation against Stendhal, Knuckleduster decided to recruit Soga, so he would help him find the Bee-user girl who was distributing Trigger. Based on the uniform she wears, Soga tracked down her middle school and once there, he shows an old picture of her, asking other girls if they know her. Even though other girls find it creepy of him to ask it in a middle school, they do notice that resembles Kuin Hachisuka as they wonder if she is in some kind of trouble. Soga is forced to leave when the staff approach him and asks him to go away.

While walking through the streets, one of the students ask him to accompany her to an alleyway to talk about Hachisuka.[1]


Soga draws a bee repellent.

After walking past an alleyway, the girl asked him if he had business with Kuin, wondering what he would do if he found her as what he is doing seems shady. Soga informs her he is only a messenger and has no idea if it is shady or not. Then, the girl begins to behave a bit seductively, slightly raising her skirt, which makes Soga feel uncomfortable, who asks her to cut it out.

Suddenly, a swarm of bees that had been controlling her comes pouring out from under her skirt to attack him. Soga reacts quickly by drawing a spray of bee repellent and breaks open it with his spikes. Soga leaves the alley wrapped in bee repellent, but the swarm pursues him.

When the bees are about to to attack him, a blaze incinerates most of them. Soga sees his friends Moyuru Tochi, who had used his Quirk, and Rapt Tokage on a motorcycle, as the lizard tells Soga to hop on quickly to run away, something that Soga does without hesitation. While fleeing. the other guys wonder about Soga's actions as they are jealous of him hogging the fun.[1]


Soga meets with Knuckleduster in the hospital where his catatonic wife is admitted. Soga reports him reports the little information he could get before he was attacked. He tells him what her middle school is and that she uses “Hachisuka” as a pseudonym. Knuckleduster counts the info as intel, including the fact it is a private school.

Soga notices he is getting into some nasty stuff and wonders about his two other friends. Knuckleduster states there is no need to drag them into this since he used him as a bait to draw attention. Soga is not amused. Soga's friends feel he should stay away from things.[1]


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