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Softening ( (じゅう) () Jūka?)[1] is the Quirk used by Juzo Honenuki.


Softening allows the user to soften anything they touch, effectively turning solid objects semi-liquid.

Juzo softening the ice covering a large area.

Softening works on anything solid, such as ice, metal or the ground, and it possesses great range. The softened objects become similar to mud or quicksand, trapping and sinking anything caught on it. To revert the effects of Softening, Juzo only needs to touch the softened object a second time.

Softening is extremely effective against enemies who rely on ground or building mobility, as those become unstable footholds for one to move through. A softened structure or spot might look normal at first glance, but will lose its apparent solidity once someone steps on it, meaning Softening works well for laying traps.


Softening does not work on living beings. If caught by a softened trap, the target can still escape if they have an ability or device that allows them to propel themselves out of the ground. If Juzo loses consciousness, all softened objects return to their original state of solidity.


Juzo softening the ground to swim through it.

With Softening, Juzo can easily control the surrounding environment to his advantage by restricting enemy movement, allowing him to dictate the flow of a battle.

Juzo is capable of swimming through softened material if needed. This allows him to quickly move around a battlefield undetected or escape an enemy that's too overwhelming for him to handle by simply turning the ground muddy and diving into it. This same tactic is used for sneaking on enemies as well.

Coupled with his excellent reflexes, Juzo is able to effectively counter enemy attacks that rely on solid substances, turning those into harmless goo before they can affect him.


  • This Quirk, in terms of function, is the opposite of Stiffening, which consists of hardening foreign objects instead of softening them.
  • Juzo's Quirk bares a striking resemblance to the ability featured by Secco, a minor antagonist from the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series, as both allow their user to soften surfaces into a liquid form, and then travel through them as if they actually were a liquid.


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