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For the unnamed Quirk used by the Robber Villain, see Smoke.

Smokescreen ( (えん) (まく) Enmaku?) was the Quirk used by En and later inherited by Izuku Midoriya.


Smokescreen allows the user to generate a thick cloud of smoke from their body. The smoke can be spread to cover a very wide area. This serves as a way to obscure the vision of opponents and catch them by surprise.


If too much smoke is released, the user might have difficulty navigating through the thick haze, and it can backfire if the opponent manages to get the drop on the user. This Quirk also has no offensive potential, and according to En, it can't be raised to the ultimate move level.[1]

Smokescreen cannot spread very far in the rain.[2]


It is likely that En used Smokescreen in conjunction with One For All, though his proficiency with the Quirk is unknown.

Shortly after the Paranormal Liberation War, Izuku managed to awaken Smokescreen, and proceeded to demonstrate his use with the Quirk during a battle against the recently escaped Muscular. Due to the stockpiling power of One For All, Smokescreen increased in power from the time that En wielded it. However, due to the increased power and his inexperience with the Quirk, as well as being caught off guard by the villain, he released far too much smoke, completely enveloping his body in smoke and temporarily obscuring his own vision.

After recovering, and using Float to hover above the city, he utilizes Smokescreen to cover the streets, as a way to limit Muscular's visibility and guide him toward himself.[1]

Izuku later used Smokescreen at full power to distract Lady Nagant long enough for him to utilized Fa Jin to reach her location.[3]

Super Moves

Full Blast.png Full Blast ( (ぜん) (かい) Zenkai?): The user emits a large amount of smoke, greatly hindering their opponents’ vision, as well as potentially their own.


  • This Quirk is similar to Smoke, as they both have the user generate smoke, though unlike Smoke, the smoke emitted from Smokescreen doesn't appear to cause eye irritation.


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