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Baseball Hero: Slugger (ベースボールヒーロー・スラッガー Bēsubōru Hīrō Suraggā?)[citation needed] is a Pro Hero.


Slugger is a tall, skinny man with orange hair.

His hero costume consists of dark clothing covered by a beige, pinstriped baseball uniform with shoulder pads, a belt, and large cuffs on his shins. Below his cuffs he wears white knee-high socks and large orange and green shoes. On his right arm he wears a gray, orange, and green gauntlet roughly twice the size of his arm, most likely pertaining to his Quirk. He covers his face with a plain white mask with a similar design to an umpire's mask.


Not much is known about his personality at this time.


Entrance Exam Arc

He is among the heroes who are trying to stop the Sludge Villain who is controlling Katsuki Bakugo; but Slugger cannot do anything since the villain is too fluid. None of the heroes who are present can attack the villain, so Slugger clenches his fist in anger. As Slugger and the others wait for a hero who is able to defeat the villain, Izuku Midoriya tries to help Katsuki. Slugger and the other heroes try to stop him but Izuku ignores them. All of the heroes then try to help him, but before they can do anything, All Might manages to defeat the Sludge Villain with a Detroit Smash. Slugger and the other heroes then clean the area.[1]

Pro Hero Arc



Super Moves

  • Nice Catch (ナイスキャッチ Naisu Kyatchi?)[2]:

Battles & Events

Battles & Events

Chapter Appearances

Entrance Exam Arc
1. Izuku Midoriya: Origin Debut
2. Roaring Muscles Absent
3. Entrance Exam Absent
4. Starting Line Flashback


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