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The Sludge Villain Incident is a villain attack in Musutafu, Japan by the Sludge Villain.


At 12:02 PM (PM 0:02) in Musutafu, Japan, the Sludge Villain robs what appears to be a store and flees through the streets with his Quirk active. The theft draws the attention of many bystanders including All Might himself.

All Might pursues the villain, but the Sludge Villain escapes into the cities sewer systems. Desperate, the Sludge Villain happens upon Izuku Midoriya in an alleyway and tries to apprehend his body to hide from All Might.


The Sludge Villain attacks Izuku and tries to invade his body. Izuku struggles but is unable to get free from the villain's fluid body. Before it's too late for the young boy, All Might arrives and saves him.

All Might stores the pieces of scattered sludge inside two empty soda bottles and wakes up Izuku. Izuku meets his childhood idol, All Might for the first time. Overly excited, Izuku hangs onto All Might's leg after the hero takes to the air. This loosens the bottles from All Might's pocket while they're in the air and the Sludge Villain gets free after falling to the ground.[1]

The Sludge Villain attacks Katsuki.

The villain finds his next victim in Katsuki Bakugo, who is hanging out with his middle school peers. The Sludge Villain attacks Katsuki and tries to take over his body. He envelops Katsuki's body in sludge and takes control of his Quirk. The explosions draw the attention of nearby Pro Heroes, All Might, and Izuku Midoriya.

The nearby Pro Heroes are unable to help Katsuki because of the explosions. Kamui Woods saves nearby civilians and Backdraft attempts to put out all the fires ignited by the explosions. The Sludge Villain nearly kills Katsuki, but Izuku Midoriya inspires All Might to save the day.


All Might tells Izuku that he can become a hero.

After the Sludge Villain is apprehended by the police, Kamui Woods and Death Arms scolds Izuku for rushing into the dangerous situation. Katsuki receives positive media attention for being the victim and is praised by Pro Heroes for his Quirk and his bravery. Katsuki eventually finds Izuku and reminds him that he did nothing to help the situation.

Afterward, All Might finds Izuku. Izuku's actions not only inspired All Might to act,[2] but it leads to All Might choosing Izuku as his successor.[3]

Katsuki Bakugo is often recognized for surviving the Sludge Villain's attack. Before the U.A. Entrance Exams, fellow examinees knew Katsuki was a legitimate candidate for U.A. because he withstood a real villain attack.[4] While attending U.A., Katsuki was asked by media members if he was the child from the Sludge Villain attack.[5] During the U.A. Sports Festival, Neito taunts Katsuki about being the victim in the said incident.[6]

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