Don't worry. I'm just hijacking your body. Calm down. It'll only hurt for about 45 seconds... then it'll be all over.
Sludge Villain to Izuku Midoriya in "Izuku Midoriya: Origin"

The Sludge Villain (ヘドロ (ヴィラン) Hedoro Viran?) is a D-rank villain.[1]


The Sludge Villain's body is made out of a dark green mud-like substance by virtue of his Quirk. He has sharp teeth and big, round eyes.


The Sludge Villain shows himself to be a selfish, cruel and sadistic criminal. He was bold enough to steal in broad daylight and flee the scene with various bystanders watching until he found out All Might was near. While trying to escape from the Symbol of Peace, the Sludge Villain had no remorse about trying to possess the bodies of two young men (Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo), a process that would have suffocated them to death.[2]


Entrance Exam Arc

All Might defeats the Sludge Villain.

The Sludge Villain is fleeing the scene after robbing a bank, when All Might notices the villain and forces him to use the sewers to escape. While escaping, he decides to come out of the sewers to try and steal Izuku Midoriya's body. However, All Might catches up to him and blows him apart with his Texas Smash, later trapping him inside two soda bottles.[3]

While All Might is en route to hand the villain over to the authorities, he loses the bottle due to a midair struggle with Izuku, and the Sludge Villain escapes from his imprisonment. He finds Katsuki Bakugo and decides to take control of his body for his explosive Quirk.

The villain proceeds to wreak havoc in the city with Katsuki's Quirk and none of the Heroes are able to subdue him effectively. Out of sheer moral determination, Izuku suddenly runs towards the Sludge Villain to help Katsuki despite not having a Quirk. The Sludge Villain decides to attack Izuku, but before he can do so All Might stops the villain and defeats him with the Detroit Smash. Katsuki is freed of his control, and the Sludge Villain is taken into custody by the Police Force.[4]



The Sludge Villain's Quirk being used to seize Izuku's body.

Unnamed Sludge Body Quirk: The Sludge Villain's Quirk transforms his body into a bulk of a mud-like substance. This fluid form makes him immune to physical attacks. It also gives him the ability to take over another person's body and use their Quirk against their will.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events

Chapter Appearances

Entrance Exam Arc
1. Izuku Midoriya: Origin Debut
2. Roaring Muscles Absent
3. Entrance Exam Absent
4. Starting Line Absent
Quirk Apprehension Test Arc
5. Smashing into Academia Absent
6. What I Can Do For Now Flashback
7. Costume Change? Absent
Battle Trial Arc
8. Rage, You Damned Nerd Flashback
9. Deku vs. Kacchan Absent
10. Breaking Bakugo Absent
11. Bakugo's Starting Line Absent
U.A. Sports Festival Arc
22. That's the Idea, Ochaco Flashback
23. Roaring Sports Festival Absent
24. Mad Dash and Knockdown Absent
25. In Their Own Quirky Ways Absent
26. Chase Down the Leader Absent
27. Earth-Shatteringly Fateful Negotiations Absent
28. Strats, Strats, Strats Absent
29. Unaware Absent
30. Cavalry-Match Finale Absent
31. The Boy Born with Everything Absent
32. Smile, Prince of Nonsense Land! Absent
33. Shinso's Situation Absent
34. Victory or Defeat Absent
35. Battle On, Challengers! Absent
36. Bakugo vs Uraraka Absent
37. Midoriya and Endeavor Absent
38. Todoroki vs. Midoriya Absent
39. Shoto Todoroki: Origin Absent
40. Emancipation Absent
41. Fight On, Ida! Absent
42. Final-Match Time Absent
43. Todoroki vs. Bakugo Absent
44. Relaxing Day Off Absent
Shie Hassaikai Arc
122. A Season for Encounters Absent
123. Unrivaled Absent
124. Trouble Ahead!! Episode: Work Studies Absent
125. Overhaul Absent
126. Open Up, World Absent
127. Sir Nighteye and Izuku Midoriya and Mirio Togata and All Might Absent
128. Boy Meets... Absent
129. Eri Absent
130. Listen to the Truth Absent
131. Fighting Fate Absent
132. The Plan Absent
133. Catch Up, Kirishima Absent
134. Let's Go, Gutsy Red Riot Absent
135. An Unpleasant Talk Absent
136. Close at Hand!! Absent
137. Restraint!! Absent
138. Go!! Absent
139. Shudder! The Underground Labyrinth Absent
140. Suneater of the Big Three Absent
141. Hassaikai: Behind the Scenes Absent
142. Shield and Shield, Spear and Shield Absent
143. Let’s Rumble, Rappa!! Absent
144. Red Riot, Part 1 Mentioned
145. Red Riot, Part 2 Absent
146. Temp Squad Absent
147. Twoga!! Absent
148. The Anguish of Young Twoga Absent
149. Don't Get Mad, Irinaka Absent
150. Mirio Togata Absent
151. Mirio Togata!! Absent
152. Lemillion Absent
153. Transform! Absent
154. Unforeseen Hope Absent
155. Saviors, the Saved and a Hero's Place Absent
156. The Power of Those Saved Absent
157. Infinite 100 Percent Absent
158. Chisaki's Warped Compassion Absent
159. It's Over!! Absent
160. Expressway Absent
161. Bright Future Absent
162. Suitable One Absent


  • (To Izuku Midoriya) "Don't worry. I'm just hijacking your body. Calm down. It'll only hurt for about 45 seconds... then it'll be all over."[5]


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