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Skill Release (解除 Kaijo?) is an Ultimate Move performed by Ochaco Uraraka using the Zero Gravity Quirk.


Once Ochaco uses her Quirk to negate the gravitational pull on an object, she can press the tips of her fingers together to release the effect. All objects under the effects of Zero Gravity will then come crashing down towards the ground, causing falling damage.[1]

She first uses this technique to score multiple points in the U.A. Entrance Exam's practical test.[1]

Related Techniques

Ochaco releases the Meteor Storm.gif Meteor Storm: After levitating a large quantity of rubble surrounding her, Ochaco can collect the collateral damaged structures, forming a giant meteor of debris above her opponents. She then causes to fall on an opponent. She first used this move during her match against Katsuki Bakugo.[2]
Meteor Fafrotskies.gif Meteor Fafrotskies (メテオファフロッキーズ Meteo Fafurokkīzu?): In conjunction with Froppy, the two rise and throw a large quantity of debris at the targets. It is a stronger, multi-ranged version of Meteor Storm. They first used this move against two villains with gigantification Quirks during their internship.[3]
Zero Satellites.png Zero Satellites (ゼロ・サテライツ Zero Sateraitsu?): Ochaco floats some nearby debris and with the addition of her grappling hooks, attacking her opponent by slamming the debris straight at them. This was first used against Himiko Toga after being lured into an ambush.[4]


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