Size (サイズ Saizu?) is the Quirk used by Yui Kodai.


This Quirk grants Yui the ability to alter the size of objects that she comes into contact with. As seen in the Joint Training Arc, Yui can only activate this power by pressing five of her fingertips together.


The only drawback is that her Quirk won't work on living things.[1]


  • The Quirk's function appears similar to that of Ochaco Uraraka’s Zero Gravity, as both involve the user using all five of their fingertips to activate its effect.
    • This is possibly a reference to Yui's design being considered for Ochaco's before her final appearance was decided.
  • The effects of this Quirk are similar to those of a student from Seijin High School, although the two characters don’t seem to share any apparent relation.


  1. My Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 210.

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