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The Sisters of Saint Lila's Academy, formerly the Little Sisters (とっとこシスターズ Tottoko Shisutāzu?), are a trio of singers from Saint Lila's Academy for Girls ( (セント) リラ女子学園中等部 Sento Rira Joshi Gakuen'naka-tō-bu?). Nowadays, they are part of the Marukane Performers.


Since they are young girls, the Little Sisters look significantly younger than any of the other Marukane performers. They have the same height and a similar physique. The only way to differentiate them is that each one has a different hairstyle and slight variations in their face. It is common to see them with luminescent blushes.

The three of them dress in the same way and usually, they're dressed with a sailor fuku from their school, with a beret decorated with a flower on the right side.



Due to their young age, the Little Sisters are very innocent and candid, and often find it difficult to understand some concepts or arguments, so they do not hesitate to ask their adult partners to explain things to them. All three are big fans of Captain Celebrity, and they rejoice every time their idol is with them.


Osaka Incident Arc

Sky Egg Arc

Final Performance Arc


Captain Celebrity

The Little Sisters have a great relationship with Christopher Skyline, since he’s good with kids and they are great fans of him.[1] It's common to see Christopher play with them. Christopher's appreciation for the girls makes them care about them, he does not even hesitate to risk his life to save them when they are in danger. This could be seen when Christopher saved them from the self-destruction of the Bomber. Using his aerodynamic barrier, he protects the girls, leaving them unharmed of the explosion, despite when he does this he lowers his own protection, suffering several wounds.[2]


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