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"Toga, I know we're just a gang of strays who happened to find each other... but you're not the only one feeling messed up over Twice. The League was the only place he felt he could belong, and the boss probably wants us to stick together. I know that doing as we please is the villain way... but you'd better come back to us."
Shuichi Iguchi to Himiko Toga in "Save Takeo!!"

Shuichi Iguchi ( () (ぐち) (しゅう) (いち) Iguchi Shūichi?), also known as Spinner (スピナー Supinā?),[1] is a recurring villain affiliated with the League of Villains, was part of the Vanguard Action Squad,[2] and later became one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front.[3]

He and the rest of his team serve as the main antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc and Paranormal Liberation War Arc.


Shuichi is a young man with a reptile-like appearance, with bright green scales for skin and a face shaped like that of a lizard. His hair is relatively long and swept backward and is a desaturated pink-purple, standing out from the rest of his colors.[4]

In reflection of his great admiration towards Stain, Spinner wears clothes similar to his: a sleeveless shirt and dark, baggy pants, along with black shoes and pale, metallic knee guards. He wears a mask made of a long, tattered strip of cloth, the same as the one worn by Stain, a red scarf and bandages wrapped around both his arms, partially covered by black wristbands and plain black boots. He wears goggles on his forehead, and also carried an enormous sword on his back that was made out of many smaller blades bound together, until it was destroyed.[5]

During the Second War, after receiving a Gigantification Quirk from All For One, Spinner becomes several stories tall, with an incredibly buff physique, also acting and appearing much more animalistic. He also gains a larger version of his old sword made out of many swords together.

Outside his villain costume he wears a light blue hoodie and a black leather jacket with it.



Shuichi has very little respect for heroes, purposely treading on Pixie-Bob's face, grinning as she lies on the ground beneath his foot, unconscious and bleeding as a result of his and Magne's earlier attack due to the fact that he believes heroes are corrupt.[6]

Much like Dabi, Spinner also admires Stain greatly, but in a different way, in that whereas Dabi loosely follows Stains ideals, Spinner is completely obsessed with the ways of Stain to the point where he copies his clothing and weaponry style, aiming to follow the same ideals as him and make his dreams come true.[5] As a result of this, he is much more morally inclined than the rest of the League of Villains, shown when he attacked Magne to protect Izuku Midoriya (whom Stain had labeled as someone worthy of being called a hero) despite his villainy, and question whether or not the League's actions truly follow his idol's ideals.[7] Due to the discrimination he's faced all his life because of his Mutant Quirk, Spinner is surprised whenever his appearance is complimented.[8]

Despite being a villain, Spinner does seem to have a sense of morality and was shocked upon learning of Tomura Shigaraki's true goal of eradicating society altogether, rather than reshaping it to make it better. His dedication to Stain's ideology also has him question some of the League's actions, such as attacking a police convoy in order to exact revenge on Overhaul.[9] It is revealed however, that Stain's will had inspired Spinner when he felt hollow and had no purpose, having lived his life as a recluse due to discrimination from his Mutant Quirk. While fighting Trumpet's forces, Spinner acknowledges that he is weak and follows Tomura's cause as a "bandwagoner" but resolves that he has no issue with either of those things and is willing to aid the League of Villains in their goals no matter what.[10] Following the events in Deika City, Spinner's priorities pivot from blindly following Stain's will to his new loyalty towards Tomura Shigaraki.[11]

Spinner also demonstrates a strong sense of camaraderie towards the League, genuinely considering them to be friends, even to the point of bonding with Tomura over video games. During the Paranormal Liberation War, he told Himiko Toga to come back to them safely when she was leaving to confront Uravity,[12] and also aided Tomura when when the latter was unconscious, and gave him his signature hand mask as a way to help wake him up, to help him achieve his dream.[11]

However, once All For One began to take command of the Paranormal Liberation Front and Tomura himself, Spinner once again began to question his actions in the League, intending to follow Tomura and not All For One, despite the latter's claims to support his feelings. Spinner's loyalty to Tomura kept him at his side, guarding his body as he recovered, and showing his worry during his transformative process to become "something more".[13][14]

While it may not have been his intention, following the war’s aftermath, Spinner would end up becoming an icon for other heteromorphs who felt oppressed by society, similar to his idol and motivation, Stain. This resulted in him developing further pressure and insecurity toward himself, feeling like his actions have gone beyond his ideals and not feeling worthy of his role, resigning to do everything for "Tomura's sake".[15] It even reached the point that he willingly allowed himself to receive more power from All For One to fight in the Second War, due to feeling so far behind to his fellow members in the League.[16]


Spinner fights on par with Mandalay.

Overall Abilities: Spinner has shown to be a rather capable villain when it comes to close-quarters combat, primarily using his weapon arsenal to against his opponents. During the Vanguard Action Squad Invasion, he was able to fight on equal ground with Mandalay for several minutes, rarely taking hits, and nearly landing a direct attack on the Pro Hero, had it not been for the timely arrival of Izuku, who destroyed Spinner's giant sword. Spinner halted his bout with Mandalay because he deliberately prevented Magne from chasing Izuku (knowing Stain acknowledged Izuku as a true hero), resulting in the villain pair arguing over the matter. This infighting gave Mandalay the opening to knock Spinner to the ground with a single kick, defeating the scaled villain.

Aided by Twice's clone army, Spinner takes down Trumpet's soldiers.

Once the Revival Celebration was underway, Spinner was able to fend off a handful of Meta Liberation Army members in order to clear a path for Tomura Shigaraki to venture to the tower housing Re-Destro. Spinner still stood his ground as Trumpet, one of the M.L.A's leaders, arrived on the battlefield to use his subordinate-enhancing Quirk, Incite, to strengthen the Liberation Army soldiers that were present. He was eventually overwhelmed by some of the augmented adversaries, but was able to flee due to Tomura's Awakening destroying Deika City. After the Revival Celebration, Spinner became a lieutenant of the now unified Paranormal Liberation Front.

  • Enhanced Strength: Spinner has an above-average amount of physical strength. He is capable of lifting and swinging his makeshift sword, which is the same size as him, and comprised of a large array of bladed weapons, with ease.

Tactical Intellect: Spinner showcases a degree of observative and tactical skill. During the Revival Celebration, Spinner took notice of Tomura's Decay Quirk being improved to where it can cause a chain reaction of disintegration, spreading beyond what Tomura initially touched. Later on, he pointed out that if the League of Villains hadn't entered Deika City, then a large number of Pro Heroes would have been called to apprehend them. When faced with Trumpet and his army of followers, Spinner was taking a haphazard gambit in clearing a path for Tomura, as he realized that the present M.L.A members will go into a frenzy if their leader, Trumpet, is defeated. He then stated that it is ludicrous for support-type individuals such as Trumpet to be on the front lines of battle. Towards the climax of the Paranormal Liberation War, Spinner, who was restrained by Best Jeanist, recalled how Gigantomachia was panting upon arriving at Tomura's location, and finally realized that Gigantomachia can't use his full might in battle due to always awaiting instructions from his master. This realization compelled Spinner to desperately wake an unconscious Tomura so the latter could relay orders to Gigantomachia, which proved successful.[11] Spinner also actively engaged in tactical discussion with All For One following the war. All For One noted that Spinner's history of discrimination and the difficult life he's lead has already begun to garner support from those hidden in the shadows, who have led lives similar to his own, making him an ideal face for the growing movement.[13]

Skilled Driver: Spinner taught himself how to drive by playing video games. Despite Dabi complaining about his skills, he was able to pull off a difficult maneuver without losing control.


Gecko (ヤモリ Yamori?): Shuichi's Quirk gives him a lizard-like appearance and abilities. He can stick to walls like a gecko, but not much else.[10]

Unnamed Gigantification Quirk: Shuichi's second Quirk allows him to enlarge himself to gigantic size. He received this Quirk from All For One in preparation for the final war against hero society.[16]


3/5 C
2/5 D
4/5 B
2/5 D
2/5 D
Shuichi's stats, according to the Ultra Archive Book

3/6 C
3/6 C
4/6 B
2/6 D
Weapon Collection
5/6 A
Shuichi's stats, according to the Ultra Analysis Book


Spinner's makeshift sword.

Makeshift Sword: Spinner originally wielded a bizarre-looking sword, which is made of several knives, daggers, kukris, hatchets, and many other blades. They appear to be held together by chains and belts. The sword is about the same size as Spinner himself, yet he seems to very proficient at using it with great speed. Spinner commonly carries it around on his back, wrapped in cloth as to not injure himself. This sword, however, was completely destroyed by Izuku before it could do any major damage. He later acquires a bigger version of this sword to accommodate for his Gigantified size.[16]

Unnamed Sword: Following the destruction of his former sword, Spinner replaced it with an unnamed blade that resembles a katana.[17]

Battles & Events

Battles & Events

Chapter Appearances

Vs. Hero Killer Arc
45. Time to Pick Some Names Absent
46. Bizarre! Gran Torino Appears Absent
47. Struggling Absent
48. Getting the Knack Absent
49. Midoriya and Shigaraki Absent
50. Kill 'Em Dead Absent
51. No, Knock It Off, Ida Absent
52. Hero Killer Stain vs. U.A. Students Absent
53. From Todoroki to Ida Absent
54. Re: Ingenium Absent
55. Conclusion?! Absent
56. Conclusion Absent
57. The Aftermath of Hero Killer Stain Debut
58. Internship's End Absent
59. Listen Up!! A Tale from the Past Absent
Forest Training Camp Arc
70. Wild, Wild, Pussycats Absent
71. Kota Absent
72. Day Two Absent
73. Good Evening Appears
74. Smoke Signal Appears
75. Stake Your Life, Hero! Appears
76. My Hero Absent
77. It's Okay Appears
78. Whirling Chaos Appears
79. Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!! Absent
80. Establishing the Bakugo Bodyguard Brigade Absent
81. Roaring Upheaval Appears
82. What a Twist! Absent
83. Loss Absent
Hideout Raid Arc
84. From Ida to Midoriya Absent
85. Nothing but Fools Appears
86. Before the Storm Absent
87. Clash Appears
88. All For One Appears
89. All for a Certain One Appears
90. Reach Out Appears
91. Symbol of Peace Appears
92. One For All Absent
93. One For All's Ember Absent
94. From Teacher to Disciple Appears
95. End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End Absent
96. Home Visits Absent
97. Tell It Like It Is, Mom Absent
Provisional Hero License Exam Arc
98. Moving into Dorms Absent
99. Goodbye Two-Digit Chapters, Hello Three Digits Absent
100. Creating Ultimate Moves Flashback
101. The Girl Called Mei Hatsume Absent
102. On Cloud Nine Absent
103. The Test Absent
104. White-Hot Battle! To Each Their Own Strengths! Absent
105. Shiketsu High Lurking Absent
106. Class 1-A Absent
107. Denki Kaminari's Thoughts Absent
108. RUSH! Absent
109. Rescue Exercise Absent
110. Rescue Exercise Continued Absent
111. Smoldering Start Absent
112. What's the Big Idea? Absent
113. Test's Aftermath Absent
114. Results' Aftermath Absent
115. Unleashed Appears
116. Meeting in Tartarus Absent
117. A Talk About Your Quirk Absent
118. Meaningless Battle Absent
119. Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2 Absent
120. The Three Absent
121. Second Semester Opening Ceremony Absent
Shie Hassaikai Arc
122. A Season for Encounters Absent
123. Unrivaled Absent
124. Trouble Ahead!! Episode: Work Studies Absent
125. Overhaul Absent
126. Open Up, World Absent
127. Sir Nighteye and Izuku Midoriya and Mirio Togata and All Might Absent
128. Boy Meets... Absent
129. Eri Absent
130. Listen to the Truth Absent
131. Fighting Fate Absent
132. The Plan Absent
133. Catch Up, Kirishima Absent
134. Let's Go, Gutsy Red Riot Absent
135. An Unpleasant Talk Absent
136. Close at Hand!! Absent
137. Restraint!! Absent
138. Go!! Absent
139. Shudder! The Underground Labyrinth Absent
140. Suneater of the Big Three Absent
141. Hassaikai: Behind the Scenes Absent
142. Shield and Shield, Spear and Shield Absent
143. Let’s Rumble, Rappa!! Absent
144. Red Riot, Part 1 Absent
145. Red Riot, Part 2 Absent
146. Temp Squad Absent
147. Twoga!! Absent
148. The Anguish of Young Twoga Flashback
149. Don't Get Mad, Irinaka Absent
150. Mirio Togata Absent
151. Mirio Togata!! Absent
152. Lemillion Absent
153. Transform! Absent
154. Unforeseen Hope Absent
155. Saviors, the Saved and a Hero's Place Absent
156. The Power of Those Saved Absent
157. Infinite 100 Percent Absent
158. Chisaki's Warped Compassion Absent
159. It's Over!! Appears
160. Expressway Appears
161. Bright Future Absent
162. Suitable One Absent
Meta Liberation Army Arc
218. The Meta Liberation Army Absent
219. Go, Slidin' Go! Appears
220. My Villain Academia Appears
221. Memento from All For One Appears
222. Tomura Shigaraki: Distortion Appears
223. Cockroaches Appears
224. Revival Party Appears
225. Interview with a Vampire Appears
226. Bloody Love Absent
227. Sleepy Appears
228. Wounded Soul Mentioned
229. All It Takes Is One Bad Day Absent
230. Sad Man's Parade Flashback
231. Path Appears
232. Meta Abilities and Quirks Absent
233. Bright Future Appears
234. Destruction Sense Absent
235. Tenko Shimura: Origin Absent
236. Tenko Shimura: Origin, Part 2 Absent
237. Tomura Shigaraki: Origin Appears
238. Liberation Appears
239. Successor Appears
240. Power Appears
Endeavor Agency Arc
241. Do That Interview! Absent
242. Have a Merry Christmas! Absent
243. Off to Endeavor's Agency! Absent
244. Recommended Reading Absent
245. Rise to Action Appears
246. Message Absent
247. Status Report! Absent
248. One Thing at a Time Absent
249. The Hellish Todoroki Family Absent
250. Ending Absent
251. Just One Week Absent
252. The Unforgiven Absent
Paranormal Liberation War Arc
253. Shirakumo Absent
254. More of a Hero than Anyone Absent
255. Hero Hopeful Absent
256. The High, Deep Blue Sky Absent
257. Pass It Forward, to Whomever Absent
258. Friends Fantasy
259. A Quiet Beginning Absent
260. Life's Work Absent
261. High-Ends Absent
262. Mirko, the No. 5 Hero Absent
263. I Wanna Be with You Guys!! Absent
264. One's Justice Absent
265. Villains and Heroes Clone
266. Happy Life Appears
267. Flames Absent
268. Scramble! Absent
269. The Three of Us Absent
270. Inheritance Absent
271. Dark Cloud Absent
272. Good Morning! Absent
273. The Thrill of Destruction Absent
274. Search Absent
275. Encounter, Part 2 Flashback
276. You Cheated...! Absent
277. Who...? Appears
278. Disaster Walker Appears
279. League of Villains vs. U.A. Students Appears
280. Red Riot, Part 3 Appears
281. Plus Ultra Absent
282. Footfall of Destruction Absent
283. 75 Appears
284. Deep Blue Battle Absent
285. Katsuki Bakugo Rising Absent
286. The Ones Within Us Absent
287. Mistake Appears
288. Save Takeo!! Appears
289. Miss Candid and Miss Shut-Away Absent
290. Dabi's Dance Appears
291. Thanks For Going Strong Appears
292. Threads of Hope Appears
293. Hero-Saturated Society Appears
294. Final Performance Appears
295. Tenacious Appears
296. Hellish Hell Appears
297. Tartarus Absent
298. Sounds of Collapse Appears
299. Like Those Tragic Tales Absent
300. The Hellish Todoroki Family, Part 2 Absent
301. The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire, Part 1 Absent
302. The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire, Part 2 Absent
303. Top Three Pictured
304. Izuku Midoriya and Toshinori Yagi Absent
305. Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki Absent
306. The Final Act Begins Absent
Tartarus Escapees Arc
307. Been a While!! Absent
308. Full Power!! Absent
309. Can't Be a Child Anymore Absent
310. Masters and Pupil Absent
311. Here We Go!! Absent
312. Hired Gun Absent
313. High-Speed Long-Range Mobile Cannon Absent
314. The Lovely Lady Nagant Absent
315. Platitudes Absent
316. Your Turn Absent
317. Scars, Blood, Filth Absent
318. Reckless Fantasy
319. Friend Absent
320. Deku vs. Class A Absent
321. From Class A to One For All Absent
322. Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight Absent
323. That Single Step Absent
324. A Young Woman's Declaration Absent
325. The Bonds of One For All Absent
326. Who Are You Really? Absent
327. Rest!! Absent
328. No Man Is an Island Absent
Star and Stripe Arc
329. In the Nick of Time, a Big-Time Maverick from the West! Appears
330. Me and Myself Absent
331. United States of America Absent
332. State-of-the-Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise... Absent
333. Specter Absent
334. Parting Gift Absent
U.A. Traitor Arc
335. Zygotes Appears
336. Villain Absent
337. A Disposable Life Appears
338. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 1 Absent
339. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 2 Absent
340. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 3 Absent
341. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part Minus 1 Appears
342. The Extreme Quiet Before the Storm Absent

Anime Appearances

Season 2
14. That's the Idea, Ochaco Absent
15. Roaring Sports Festival Absent
16. In Their Own Quirky Ways Absent
17. Strategy, Strategy, Strategy Absent
18. Cavalry Battle Finale Absent
19. The Boy Born with Everything Absent
20. Victory or Defeat Absent
21. Battle on, Challengers! Absent
22. Bakugo vs. Uraraka Absent
23. Shoto Todoroki: Origin Absent
24. Fight on, Ida Absent
25. Todoroki vs. Bakugo Absent
26. Time to Pick Some Names Absent
27. Bizarre! Gran Torino Appears Absent
28. Midoriya and Shigaraki Absent
29. Hero Killer: Stain vs U.A. Students Absent
30. Climax Absent
31. The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain Debut
32. Everyone's Internships Absent
33. Listen Up!! A Tale from the Past Absent
34. Gear up for Final Exams Absent
35. Yaoyorozu: Rising Absent
36. Stripping the Varnish Absent
37. Katsuki Bakugo: Origin Absent
38. Encounter Absent
Season 3
39. Game Start Absent
40. Wild, Wild Pussycats Absent
41. Kota Appears
42. My Hero Appears
43. Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!! Appears
44. Roaring Upheaval Appears
45. What a Twist! Absent
46. From Ida to Midoriya Appears
47. All For One Appears
48. Symbol of Peace Appears
49. One For All Absent
50. End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End Appears
51. Moving into Dorms Absent
52. Create Those Ultimate Moves Flashback
53. The Test Absent
54. Shiketsu High Lurking Absent
55. Class 1-A Absent
56. RUSH! Absent
57. Rescue Exercises Absent
58. Special Episode: Save the World with Love! Absent
59. What's the Big Idea? Absent
60. A Talk about Your Quirk Absent
61. Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2 Absent
62. A Season for Encounters Appears
63. Unrivaled Absent
Season 4
64. The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A Absent
65. Overhaul Absent
66. Boy Meets... Flashback
67. Fighting Fate Absent
68. Let's Go, Gutsy Red Riot Absent
69. An Unpleasant Talk Absent
70. GO!! Absent
71. Suneater of the Big Three Absent
72. Red Riot Absent
73. Temp Squad Flashback
74. Lemillion Absent
75. Unforeseen Hope Absent
76. Infinite 100% Absent
77. Bright Future Appears
78. Smoldering Flames Absent
79. Win Those Kids' Hearts Absent
80. Relief for License Trainees Absent
81. School Festival Absent
82. Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part Absent
83. Gold Tips Imperial Absent
84. Deku vs. Gentle Criminal Absent
85. School Festival Start!! Absent
86. Let It Flow! School Festival! Absent
87. Japanese Hero Billboard Chart Absent
88. His Start Absent
Season 5
89. All Hands on Deck! Class 1-A Absent
90. Vestiges Absent
91. Clash! Class A vs. Class B! Absent
92. Make It Happen, Shinso! Absent
93. Operation New Improv Moves Absent
94. Foresight Absent
95. Match 3 Absent
96. Match 3 Conclusion Absent
97. Early Bird! Absent
98. That Which Is Inherited Absent
99. Our Brawl Absent
100. The New Power and All For One Absent
101. Have a Merry Christmas! Absent
102. Off to Endeavor's Agency! Absent
103. One Thing at a Time Appears
104. Long Time No See, Selkie Absent
105. The Hellish Todoroki Family Absent
106. The Unforgiven Absent
107. More of a Hero Than Anyone Absent
108. My Villain Academia Appears
109. Revival Party Appears
110. Sad Man's Parade Appears
111. Tenko Shimura: Origin Appears
112. Tomura Shigaraki: Origin Appears
113. The High, Deep Blue Sky Appears


  • Shuichi's given name contains kanji for "excellent, outstanding" ( shu?) and "one" ( ichi?). His surname contains kanji for that one" ( i?) and "mouth, opening" ( guchi?)
    • Shuichi's family name comes from the Japanese for "iguana."
  • His design may be in reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, in which the main four characters are reptilian anthropomorphic ninja with a similar design to Shuichi.
  • Shuichi likes video games.[18]
  • Shuichi is currently the only lieutenant of the Paranormal Liberation Front to have a mutant Quirk, as well as the only one who is a C-rank villain.
  • Shuichi shares his birthday with Enji Todoroki and Taishiro Toyomitsu.
  • Shuichi learned how to drive by playing Grand Theft Auto.[19]
  • Shuichi's English voice actor, Larry Brantley, also voices Crust.
  • According to Kohei Horikoshi, when Spinner first appeared, he gave the villain the makeshift sword as a weapon to create a "big body figure", but since one of his assistants complained that it was too time-consuming to draw the weapon, he just decided to let Izuku break it apart.[20]


  • (To Magne) "Holding power over someone's life is everything! Or don't you believe in following Stain's tenets?!"[5]
  • (To Mandalay) "Dammit...!! Stain will be revived...! Got that?! His will lives on here! Thanks to me!! I'm gonna purge you corrupt heroes and that four-eyes kid."[21]
  • (To Trumpet) "I've got nothing to love, like Toga does. Nothing I really wanna do. But back then, I just know… Something lit a fire in my heart. All I could think was how I wanted a glimpse of the future he was imagining! Sure… I'm just a nobody who jumped on a bandwagon but what's wrong with that!? Nothing, right!? And you people ain't much better!!! Ain't that right, politician?"[22]
  • (To Himiko Toga) "Toga, I know we're just a gang of strays who happened to find each other... but you're not the only one feeling messed up over Twice. The League was the only place he felt he could belong, and the boss probably wants us to stick together. I know that doing as we please is the villain way... but you'd better come back to us."[23]
  • (About Dabi) "He always had everything. A reason to live on. A goal. Power too. Things I lacked. Everything."[24]


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