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Shota Aizawa vs. Villains is a battle fought between Pro Hero Eraser Head and various unnamed criminals associated with the League of Villains.


Eraser Head takes Class 1-A to the U.S.J. for specialized rescue training with Thirteen. All Might is supposed to be there as well, but because he spent the One For All time limit doing heroic work on the way, he called saying that he needs to rest before joining them. Since it can't be helped, Eraser Head considers starting the exercise.

The League of Villains arrives at the U.S.J.

Just prior to the beginning of Class 1-A's rescue training, the League of Villains warps into the U.S.J.'s central plaza. Shota is the first person to notice their arrival. He informs his students that imminent threat from villains is very real[1], and asks Thirteen to protect them.

The League of Villains had gathered a large group of criminals with the purpose of murdering All Might, but because he is not there at the time, Tomura orders to kill the students in order to draw out their target. Students are surprised that no sensor worked, and Shoto figures out that the villains have someone who can jam communications. This makes him deduce that their raid is very well planned.

Thirteen is in charge of protecting the students.

Because one of the villains is jamming the alarms and communications, Eraser Head asks Denki to try to contact the main campus with his Quirk, while he prepares to take on the villains alone, but Izuku questions his ability to do so. Izuku states that his Erasure Quirk works best in stealth and one on one fights. Shota replies that Pro-Heroes must be versatile and leaves the students' safety to Thirteen.[2]


Eraser Head takes out the firing squad.

Shota leaps down the main set of stairs towards the central plaza. The villains Victor, Needle Hair and Stitched Giant wonder who he is, because they were sure that only Thirteen and All Might would be there, making fun of that unknown and suicidal hero trying to confront them.

The League of Villains’ firing squad takes aim at Eraser Head, and when they are about to shoot, the Hero quickly erases their Quirks. Before the villains can react, Shota wraps the three criminals in his scarf and lifts them up to crash them into one another. One criminal finally recognizes Shota to be the Erasure Hero: Eraser Head and explains to his allies that Shota can erase people's Quirks by looking at them.

Eraser Head displays his superior combat skills.

After hearing this, Steel Bulwark surmises that this power likely has no effect on mutant type Quirk users and charges at Eraser Head. Shota confirms that this while dodging his blows. He punches the in the face with enough force to knock him off balance. While the hero is distracted, the villain Muscle Man sneaks from behind and tries to punch him. Eraser Head easily ducks and kicks Muscle Man away before flinging down Steel Bulwark on to the other villain using his Capturing Weapon. The Hero states that despite the drawbacks of his Quirk, he knows how to deal with close combat foes.

Tomura Shigaraki watches close by as Eraser Head continues to dominate his opponents in battle and takes note that his Quirk makes it difficult for the villains to work together. Kurogiri eventually manages to slip by Eraser Head and approaches the students, although the hero tries to chase him but is cut off by the mob of villains. Because of this he cannot prevent Kurogiri from using his Quirk to disperse most of the students in different areas of the U.S.J.[2]


Tomura charges at Eraser Head.

Eraser Head eventually manages to knock out the majority of the villains, but at the cost of most of his energy. Tomura capitalizes on the Hero's exhaustion after he managed to deduce when Eraser Head activates and deactivates his Erasure Quirk and attacks.[3]


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