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Shota Aizawa vs. The Hotta Brothers is a battle fought between the Pro Hero Eraser Head against the dealers Jiro and Ichiro Hotta.


During a meeting with detective Naomasa, he asks Shota to help the police in their investigation of the Villain Factory, an organization that kidnaps Trigger consumers and turns them into Next-Level Villains. Shota agrees to collaborate.[1]


The Hotta Brother running away.

The brothers Jiro and Ichiro Hotta, two minor Trigger traffickers, run through the streets of Naruhata, being pursued by Eraser Head. They try to escape through an alley, but Shota cuts off their route with his Capturing Weapon.

Knowing that they cannot continue, the Hotta brothers decide to face Shota Aizawa, and inject themselves each with a dose of Trigger, enhancing their Quirks, and transforming into grasshoppers-like humanoids. Under their new form, the brothers attack Eraser Head with their Super Move Double Hotta Kick.

Eraser Head ready to use his Quirk.

For his part, Shota comments that he is satisfied with the situation, because now he has no need to check the contents of their stomachs, which makes his work a lot easier. Shota prepares to face them by activating his Erasure Quirk. Shota easily defeats the Hotta brothers and captures them with his binding cloth.[1]


Eraser Head defeats the Brothers.

After the fight, Shota decides to make a deal with the brothers: information about Kirihito Kamachi in exchange for overlooking the fight and the fact that they used Trigger. The brothers accept the deal.[1]


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