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Shota Aizawa vs Teruo Unagisawa is the fight between the Pro Hero Eraser Head against the Next-Level Villain Teruo Unagisawa.


Teruo causing trouble.

After having news about the Narufest party, a performance at the roof of Marukane Department Store, Kuin Hachisuka decides to release Teruo Unagisawa, now transformed into a Next-Level Villain, into the streets. She wants Teruo to cause a big uproar in the show, with the intention of taking advantage of the disarray and dose more people with Trigger.

Meanwhile Eraser Head walks towards the Marukane Department Store. He does not want to go to the show, but he has no option because he is one of the guest heroes. When he hears citizens nearby screams that a villain has appeared, Eraser Head gets outright gleeful because it means he has a perfect excuse to miss a public social gathering.[1]


As he moves towards the concert, Teruo unleashes chaos through the streets, forcing Eraser Head to try to stop him before he causes further damage.

Teruo's blast.

Eraser Head realizes that there is something strange about him: Teruo has trouble moving with his newfound size as he awkwardly stumbles towards the Department Store. At first, Eraser Head thinks he has a transformation Quirk, and probably consumed Trigger. Eraser Head attempts to erase Teruo's Quirk after binding him, but finds that his ability doesn't work on the giant eel since the monstrous body is Teruo's only form.

Eraser Head tries to stop him, and when his attacks do not affect Teruo, he decides to retain him with his Capturing Weapon, but Teruo slips out of Eraser Head's bindings with his slimy skin and continues towards the store. Eraser Head attempts to hold him back. Teruo cries out for Pop, then begins to unleash a great electrical discharge with his trigger enhanced Eel Quirk.

The surge of electricity blinds momentarily to Shota, electrocutes to several innocent people and causes a blackout in the surrounding area, including the show on top of the department store.

Despite this unforeseen counterattack, Eraser Head manages to recover and ultimately defeat Teruo, who is taken into custody by the Police Force.[1]


Shota sits down next to Teruo.

Kuin Hachisuka sits atop a nearby roof, watching as Teruo falls unconscious and collapses onto the floor. Kuin thinks about pumping Trigger into the panicking audience at the show. However, Knuckleduster approaches her with the intention of defeating her.[1]

Later, Naomasa Tsukauchi interrogates Eraser Head about the Instant Villain situation. Eraser tells Tsukauchi that he doesn't think Teruo is an instant villain, and did not see any injector on him. However, he tells him he did see a strange bee sucking something from Teruo's body. Close to them, another member of the Villains Factory disguised as a policeman captured one of Kuin's bee.[2]


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