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Shota Aizawa & U.A. Students vs. Tomura Shigaraki & Nomu is a battle fought between the Pro Hero Eraser Head and Class 1-A students Izuku Midoriya, Tsuyu Asui and Minoru Mineta against the Villains Tomura Shigaraki and Nomu during the U.S.J. Incident.


Izuku, Tsuyu and Minoru watch their teacher fighting.

After defeating the villains in the Shipwreck Zone, Izuku tells Tsuyu and Minoru that they should go to the exit avoiding the Central Plaza, where Shota is fighting the a large group of villains alone. However, after thinking better of it, he decides that they should watch their teacher battling and help him in order to relieve Shota's burden if they have a chance.

Once they arrive, Shota is fiercely taking down criminals one after another while Tomura observes from a distance. The League of Villains leader decides to enter the battle once Shota has knocked out most of his underlings.[1]


Tomura destroys Shota's elbow.

Tomura rushes at Shota while counting out loud the decreasing maximum time between erasures. Calling him the final boss, Shota throws his Capturing Weapon at him. Tomura grabs the end of the cloth-like equipment and lets himself be pulled in close so he can attack. Shota closes the distance and strikes Tomura's stomach with a hard elbow.

Izuku and his classmates are happy about this, but they soon realize that Tomura blocked Shota's elbow by catching it in his hand. He taunts the hero and reveals that Shota's hair gives away when he is using his Quirk, and the space in between has gotten shorter and shorter. Tomura uses his own Quirk to destroy Shota's elbow and inflict heavy damage to his right arm.

Shota willing to fight to the end.

Shota backs off after punching Tomura with his free arm, dodging the attacks of several minor villains as he does so. Tomura continues taunting him, mentioning that his Quirk works better in sneak attacks and short fights but it isn't suited for fighting long battles against a large group, even so he jumped right in to fight them to protect his students.

The villain Sickle Claw takes the chance to slash him with his claws, but Shota dodges and envelops the villain with his Capturing Weapon, to use him as a shield against the attack of another villain who he knocks out with a punch and then defeats another with a kick. Despite his exhaustion and injuries, Shota is willing to continue fighting. Tomura can't help but praise him for his persistence, but corrects him from the previous statement: he is not the final boss.

Nomu crushes Shota Aizawa.

The Nomu suddenly appears from behind him. Nomu slashes Shota with such a heavy blow that it draws blood and breaks Eraser Head's signature goggles. Izuku, Tsuyu, and Minoru can only watch in horror as, within moments, Nomu pins Shota to the ground and breaks his right arm with incredible ease.[1]

Tomura taunts the hero by admitting that his Quirk is powerful but its useless against Nomu's overwhelming might. Shota tries to erase Nomu's Quirk, but the creature crushes his left arm with ease, proving that his Erasure it's truly ineffective because Nomu's base strength doesn't come from any Quirk, the monster is just that strong, maybe at the same level as All Might. As Izuku, Tsuyu and Minoru look on from the water, Nomu pounds Shota's bloodied face into the ground.

Tomura decides to wipe out what remains of All Might's pride by killing Tsuyu.

Kurogiri arrives and relays to Tomura about he has incapacitated Thirteen but failed to stop one of the students from escaping the building. Tomura is dismayed by the news, scratching his neck vigorously in frustration, and threatens Kurogiri that he would have killed him if it isn't for his Warp Gate Quirk. Tomura quickly calms down and admits that they have to retreat at the prospect of fighting multiple Pro Heroes. Minoru is glad to hear this, but Izuku and Tsuyu are still wary that the villains decide to retreat.

Before they leave, Tomura decides they will scar the Symbol of Peace's pride by killing some of his students. Tomura confronts the observing students in an instant and attempts to kill Tsuyu. None of the students react in time, but even though Tomura manages to grab Tsuyu's face, nothing happens to her.

Nomu absorbs the impact of Izuku's smash attack.

Shota intervenes at the last moment by lifting his head from the ground and looking at Tomura to nullify his Quirk. Tomura commends the hero as his head is slammed back into the ground by Nomu, Izuku quickly leaps out of the water and punches Tomura with the force of a full-powered smash.

The punch connects and creates great wind pressure that kicks up a lot of dust. Izuku notices his arm is unbroken from the smash, but when the dust settles, he quickly realizes that Nomu took the brunt of the attack. What shocked Izuku is that the Nomu remains unscathed despite punching it with the One For All, and that's when he realizes that the creature is the secret weapon of the villains to kill All Might.

Tomura and Nomu about to kill the students

Tomura asks Izuku if he's an All Might fan after yelling "smash", but he doesn't care because he's done with him. Nomu grabs Izuku by the arm and prepares to crush him, while Tomura reaches once more towards Tsuyu and Minoru to decay them. Tsuyu desperately extends her tongue to save Izuku, but it seems there is no hope for them.

The fighting comes to an abrupt halt when All Might breaks the doors off the facility and makes his entrance.[2]


"I am here!!!"

Having run into Tenya on his way to the U.S.J., All Might knows all about the conflict occurring there. Enraged that the villains attacked the students and teachers, he rips off his tie and takes off his blazer as he shouts everyone to have no fear since he is here, much to Class 1-A's happiness. With the arrival of the Number 1 Hero, Tomura decides to continue their mission of killing him.

All Might swiftly rescues the students and Shota from the clutches of the villains. He tells Izuku and the others to take the heavily injured Shota to safety. Izuku warns All Might about Nomu's resistance to smash attacks, but All Might reassures Izuku before dismissing him. With their target in front of them, the League of Villains confronts the Symbol of Peace.[3]


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