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The Shooty-Go-Kablam (K G D (気合をギュッとしてドーン) Kiai o Gyuttoshite Dōn?) is a Super Move performed by Koichi Haimawari using his Slide and Glide Quirk.


Shooty-Go-Kablam shots easily pierce soda cans.

The Shooty-Go-Kablam is another attack Koichi can use with his Scrappy Thrust Style. When he puts all of his focus onto the power core of his repulsion blast shots, he can shoot projectiles that are smaller than the average ones, but the shots can fly away farther than usual, in addition to being faster and stronger. The repulsion projectiles are powerful enough to pierce metal cans, or even a person, making this super move a very dangerous, even deadly attack.[1]


However, its effectiveness in battle is limited by the fact that Koichi subconsciously makes himself miss people-shaped targets, as he is unable to shoot to a real person.[2]


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