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I knew that there’d come a time when a little spanking wouldn’t be enough to keep him down.
Shoko Haimawari about her son in "Force of Will Acceleration"

Shoko Haimawari ( (はい) (まわり) (しょう) () Haimawari Shōko?) is the mother of Koichi Haimawari.[1]


Shoko is a thin middle-aged woman with short hair. When she makes her first entrance, she has a coat with a clothing, a dress and tights. In the bus accident, she wears a smaller coat with black clothing, a dress and heels.


Shoko is bossy with her son, slapping him for each mistake he makes. She can possess a domineering nature which she occasionally lets get out of hand, as she yelled at Kazuho to say what she was thinking, causing her to run off in panic. Despite this, she can be kind and cordial, as she develops a good relationship with Makoto and greets Knuckleduster politely.


Vs. Queen Bee Arc



Fly Swatter (ハエ叩き Hae Tataki?): Shoko's Quirk allows her to send energy waves from her hands and attack from a farther distance than her normal reach.[2]


  • Shoko's favorite food is gyōza.[1]
  • The "Sho" in her name means "palm of hand", which is a clear reference to her Quirk and her habit of disciplining her son.


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