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Sho (ショウ Shō?) is a student from Masegaki Primary School.


Sho is a small boy with big round eyes and dark hair. He wears a collared long sleeved red shirt and light brown shorts.


Not much is known about his personality, although like the rest of Masegaki School children, Sho probably has a problematic and rebellious personality. He's very popular in his class--especially with the female population thereof[1]. He blushed when Camie hugged him between her breasts.


Remedial Course Arc

Takuto and his class were used as a test for Katsuki Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki, Inasa Yoarashi, and Camie Utsushimi during their second try for a Hero License, since they failed their first exam because they were unable to socialize properly (aside from Camie).

Sho's happiest moment.

As Gang Orca announced their trial, Sho and his classmates came rushing into the hall, causing all kinds of problems for the students and being a general nuisance. Camie asked why she had to undergo the trial, and Gang Orca simply replied that she's probably a no good hero just like the others. Camie decides it's no big deal since she likes kids and proceeds to smother Sho in between her cleavage. This leads to him silently freaking out and blushing and Camie instantly irritating all the little girls who envy her.[2]

Chapter Appearances

Remedial Course Arc
163. Smoldering Flames Absent
164. Masegaki Debut
165. Win Those Kids' Hearts Absent
166. Be Proud, License Trainees Appears
167. Number One Hero's Starting Line Absent
168. The Strange Tale of Aoyama Absent


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