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Shinji Nishiya & Yu Takeyama vs. Giant Villain is a battle fought between the Pro Heroes Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady against an unnamed Giant Villain.


"That's a huge villain!"

A giant villain is causing trouble on the railways at Tatooin Station. He stole someone's bag and went out of control when he he began to be. Because of this, numerous citizens begin to approach and gather to see the heroes in action.

The villain becomes increasingly nervous about his plight and hits a portal catenary, which begins to fall. Death Arms comes running and uses his enormous strength to hold the structure and avoid further damage, while the hero Backdraft uses his Water Pump Quirk to creates a fence out of water to limit the perimeter and keep citizens at a safe distance. Then Kamui Woods arrives to confront the giant villain.[1]


Canyon Cannon!

As soon as he sees Kamui Woods close to him, the Giant Villain attempts to smash him with his huge hand, but the hero dodges the attack with ease. Annoyed, The villain threatens Kamui Woods, yelling at him to get away. The hero uses his Arbor Quirk to dodge a flurry of crushing attacks. Kamui Woods tries to rush the villain but is pushed back.

After dodging another smash attempt by the villain, Kamui Woods runs up his arm and extends his wooden limb, grabbing his foe's wrist. The Giant Villain simply waves his hand to get rid of the hero, throwing him into the air. Thanks to his athletic agility, Kamui manages to stabilize and land smoothly.

As he prepares his final attack, Kamui Woods tells the villain that he has violated several laws laws by using his powers during rush hour and robbery resulting in bodily injury, thereby accusing him of being the incarnation of evil. Just before Kamui Woods can use his Lacquered Chain Prison attack, Mt. Lady suddenly jumps in and strikes the Giant Villain with her Canyon Cannon attack, defeating him.[1]


Mt. Lady captures the Giant Villain

After the Giant Villain is defeated and returned to normal size, paparazzi swarm Mt. Lady as she declares that today is her debut and asks for the rest to be left up to her. Kamui is totally stunned by his intervention.

Once the villain is arrested and taken into custody, Mt. Lady receives all the credit for defeating the evil-doer, while Kamui Woods remains in the background depressed after missing his moment to shine.[1]

Manga & Anime Differences

  • The anime expands the battle, showing more scenes of Kamui Woods facing the villain.
  • In the manga, Death Arms and Backdraft are simply guiding civilians out of the area, with the later using his powers to create directional arrows. Also, these actions take place during the fight, not before it.
  • Airjet and Slugger are absent in the anime.


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